Cecilia Becerra and Taryn Jordan

Ceci Saenz (28) interview her partner Taryn Jordan (30) about their relationship. They talk about when they first met, how their relationship changed their lives, the difficulty of Taryn's coming out to her parents, how their different races impacted the...

HUM 195 2:20pm class interview Ethan Ribelin

Making new friends is important to me to help me become less introverted.

Bain’s Lair!

Charles’ proud moments both from positive and negative memories

"Si no estuviera ustedes no tuviera una motivación"

An interview between me and my dad, where I asked a couple of question and the reason why he is here today. (1:29-4:27)

Humanities Interview

Amanda discusses her favorite memory from her first day of NAU classes and Dania talks about why she chose to study at NAU.

First Week at NAU

We talk about our first week at NAU and why we think it is important to get a college education.

NAU introduction for HUM 195

Jessica and Arianna discussing there first week back at campus and why they chose NAU.

NAU Stories

Trinity (19) talking with fellow student Issac (21) at NAU about our stories.

nau interview!

We answer questions about life at Northern Arizona University.

College at its finest HUM 185

College freshman talking about why they chose to go to college

Humanities 195 (Fall 2019)

Why did you choose NAU? Why is college important to you?

The Cat is Staring At Us Angrily

We talk about happiness, the importance of telling people you love them, and what Danny would say to their teenage self.

Lowell Observatory's Impact on the Flagstaff Community

This interview provides contextualization and a history lesson for those wondering the origins of Flagstaff's STEM interests and the impact of Lowell Observatory on Flagstaff from its beginning to present day.