Story Corps Interview

We talked about where my grandparents are from and how they grew up. We also talked about how life works and the lessons you will learn.

Inside the Life and Times of Ouida Bradshaw

Interviewing my maternal grandmother over lunch near TCU. She has always been a character so this interview covers some important parts of her life and a future interview will cover he funny stories.

Being Transgender In Today’s Society

My best friend Lyle has been transitioning from female to male over the past 3 months, so i thought I’d ask him a few questions regarding what it’s like to be trans in our generation.

Triniti and Brenda

My grandmother and i discuss family, regrets and the past.

Period 1 Classwork 4/25

I Crystal Woolen and Tameia Young talked about who are people in our life that influenced us our impacted our lives.


We talked about how her life was a child. Always how she is now with my siblings.


Happiest memories was when I got my truck. I was so happy

My Grandmother’s Life

In this interview conducted on November 26, 2017, Jonathan Rhodes (17) interviews his maternal grandmother, Betty Ann Coble Emmert (76) about her life. She talks about what her childhood was like while living in Texas with her older sister and...


The way of life as a child and past decisions that were made. How addictions and triumph has overcome.

My Grandfather’s life.

Jim Brooks grew up in Dallas Texas in the Great Depression. He then was drafted into the Korean War in 1953. He then got married, had 2 kids and has 4 grandchildren.

Junior Interview

Jose talks about several topics like his past relationships, happiest memories and greatest accomplishments.

Raising Money for 9/11
December 4, 2018 App Interview

Macy talks to her mom about what it was like to work for the red cross in the aftermath of 9/11.

Delphina’s childhood

Here we talk about Delphina’s childhood and how she lived through it

The interview with my dad

We talked about life in the military and how it was. We also talked about what life is about.

Dorothy Wright enlightens her granddaughter Christian on what her life has been like over the years.

Dorothy explained what her life was like growing up in the late thirties and early forties. She explained her feelings towards raising her children, and shared some of her own childhood experiences.

Story Corps Journalism Interview

In this interview, I talked with my dad about his childhood and school memories.

Ozella Cheek Thanksgiving 2017

An interview with Ozella Cheek on Thanksgiving Day 2017.