The Story of a Vanishing Culture

My mother and I talk about her childhood growing up as a Hmong individual that immigrated from Laos. We talk about Hmong culture and what it means to us and the relevance of Hmong today.

Mary dulin’s interview

We talked about basically her life. We talked about how her parents were and school life and her jobs.

John F. Kennedy; Assassinated

We spoke about the day JFK was assassinated and how it made her feel and how it affected the country.

From the Farm to a Model

In November of 2017, 15 year old, Sam Geiger interviews his mom, Tricia Geiger in Los Angeles about her childhood, career path and challenges. Tricia explains in the interview what occurred between the years of 1964 to 2017 in her...

Baba’s Life

My grandpa, Gary Oberti, has had a life full of experiences and hardships, but through it all he has kept a positive mindset.

Minna Thanksgiving 2018

Growing up in Fresno, German Sausage, Chinese Loveboat, 90s Bulletin board chat

On Parents and Partnership

David recounts the odd circumstances of his childhood to his daughter, Laura, and they discuss the topics of parenthood and commitment.

Lived Experience as an Agent of Change: Natalie
August 23, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, Natalie Turner describes her experiences working as a school-based occupational therapist in Fresno, CA and her journey of becoming an agent of change with the school district on behalf of students, collegues, and the profession as a...

Are you what people judge you to be?

I wanted to further understand my mom’s upbringing in America and her struggles with being from Iran at a time where people had very negative images of it. I asked her questions about her experiences with racial prejudice and discrimination...

Interview with the Dad!!!

Talking about his childhood and all the smart choices to make while you are growing up.

Old Coach Keeps On Coaching

The Guinness World Record holder Elan Buller, was interviewed my Luca España on November 17th 2017. Elan Buller had once been the elementary school physical education coach for Luca, between his 1st and 6th grade years. Luca and Buller became...

the learnings of a 14 college graduate

Jeff Seifert, currently a father and computer programmer, shares his learnings of attending college at age 14. He shares the wisdom he attained from the experience, as well as the ups and down in his college life as well as...

Beverly and Emily Stewart

Beverly Stewart (73) talks with her granddaughter, Emily Stewart (25) about her childhood and some of the lessons that she learned from the people around her.

Merideth Wieland and Anita "June" Jeung

Merideth Wieland (54) talked with her Auntie June (Anita Jeung) (96) about June's childhood and family (Chong), including Merideth's father Wilbur Chong. June takes them out at the end with a song.

Patrick O’Brien and David Wilkes

David Wilkes interviews his Grandfather, Patrick O’Brien about his immigration to the US, his service in the Vietnam, his career and family.