Eric Payne and Mia Raquel

Eric Payne (35) talks to facilitator Mia Raquel (24) about growing up in Fresno and working to give back to his community. He describes some of the struggles faced by members of his community, analyzes the underrepresentation of black and...

Don Simmons and Gabriel Mora

Don Simmons (63) talks to his partner, Gabriel Mora (36), about coming to Fresno and feeling cared for by the residents of Fresno when he was experiencing a medical crisis. He follows by talking about his life here as a...

Austin Reilly and Aaron Cummings

One Small Step conversation partners Austin Reilly (29) and Aaron Cummings (23) talk about feminism, culture, and the differences between and learnings from Gen Z and Millennial generations.

Paul Gilmore and Brian Fresno

Paul Gilmore (50) asks his friend Brian Kenney Fresno (56) about his career as a musician. Brian talks about his initial ideas about becoming a musician, describes the "Warr guitar" that he plays, and talks about his ideas of Fresno.

Harumi Sasaki and Nadine Takeuchi

Harumi Sasaki (88) talks with her daughter Nadine Takeuchi (64) about her experience living through the Hiroshima bombing and its aftermath as a Japanese-American teenager and what her life was like when she moved back to California to work as...


I asked my baba about he time she went to sha hot dog place and i asked her some questions about it.

Thomas Martinez and Beverlee Newcomb

Thomas Martinez (61) talks with one of his food service delivery clients, Beverlee Newcomb (73), about his job delivering meals with Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (EOC), how he came to work for them, and the care he takes to do...