Jim Henry and Danielle Henry – Atlanta Sit In 1960

Jim Henry was a junior at Morehouse College in February 1960 when he participated in a sit-in with other black students in Atlanta.

Morgan the NICU Nurse

Morgan answers questions about her job and why she loves being a NICU nurse.

Interview with Grandma Jewel!

A blast from the past helps us recollect and embrace our culture to carry it into our social conversations. Questioning our grandmother Jearlene Williams enlightened our perspective on our legacy and ultimately our perseverance. To have insight into our upbringing...

Sitting down with Sitty

Hayden interviews her grandma about family heritage.

People remember how you treat them.

A discussion about kindness and how it will come back to you.

Mackenzie Harrison Interview

We talked about my parents relationship and some important details of their relationship.

Experiences with death, dying and loss

Today we talked about my experiences with death and how I’ve coped with the loses in my life.

Life Lessons

They thing my partner and I talked was life lessons. I've learned some very important things about my father that I didn't know and I am glad I interviewed him. Why because I learned that while he was young he...

Time w/ Aunt Holly

My Aunt Holly explains stories of work from disney to catching fireflies in the country side.

Growing up Indian in America with Vanita Gupta

Born in India, my mom came here at a very young age. This was the land of opportunity but also very scary to be tossed in a new culture with a new language and having to figure out things day...

Speech 106 interview

I asked my uncle about what life was like growing up and how he would like to be remembered.

School project

Conversation between father and daughter for a school project.

Career prep interview

This is my career prep interview with my grandma. I asked her a couple of questions about her childhood and some memories.

Pandemic 2020

This was a conversation with my mother about how the global pandemic, COVID-19, has impacted her life.

Firefighter reflects on his second chance in life after serving in the Navy

In his 25 years of life, Hector has gone through a lot. Especially from the time he was old enough to enlist. His life was almost taken away from him - he would argue it was completely torn apart -...

Dave & Alex Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

Alex Andersen talks with her dad, David Andersen, about how Inman Park, Atlanta, and the state of Georgia as a whole are underprepared and ill-equipped for any climate crisis. From Snowpocalypse to extreme heat, Alex and Dave discuss the critical...

Things about life-Jenny Braddy

My dad and I talked about how his life is. We also talked about who is important to him.

Death, Dying and Loss #GsudeathS19

An interview with my friend about the passing of her Grandmother.