An interview with my mom

My name is Maxmilian Mizis (16) and I interviewed my mom, Macy Geiger (43). We talked about what it was like living with two other siblings, her grandparents, school, and her job and how its changed from what she originally...

It all came from this…

me Lucas and my Dad Jason are in a very tight relationship and we loved doing this project. I know I learned a lot about my Dad, and I hope the listener did too.

Dorothy Lowry Lee

Interview with my pateral grandmother who turns 98 years old this year.

Andrea explaining her future aspirations.

In this interview, andrea describes things that drive her. I interviewed her on November 27 in Gainesville, FL. Andrea is from Miami, FL and goes to The University of Florida, which is what she describes as her biggest accomplishment. Andrea...

Story Corps with Dad

My dad and I talked about my dad’s childhood, struggles, happy moments, and career. It was a fun interview as I learned some things I never knew about him before.

Aishwarya Warrier and Divya Malyala

Best friends Aishwarya Warrier (31) and Divya Malyala (29), who immigrated from India, are celebrating Aishwarya's 10th year as a resident of the US. They look back on their journey of new experiences and look forward to new adventures.

Why did you become a lawyer
November 28, 2020 App Interview

This interview was about what it is like to be a lawyer.

Story Corps with my Dad!

My dad and I talked about my dad’s childhood, struggles, happy moments, and his career. I had fun recording this interview, for I learned some things about my dad I never knew before.

Future Interview

We talked about future goals for Catalina after graduation.

Michelle Weiner- A Mother’s Interview

Michelle Weiner is an incredibly loving mother who has lots of amazing advice and memories that she has shared graciously.

Jeanne Fashina and Colvin Ingram

One Small Step conversation partners Jeanne Fashina (68) and Colvin "Pete" Ingram (74) discuss how they both voted in every election since they could vote. They also talk about the influential people in their lives, Jeanne's time in Nigeria, Pete's...

Susan Kraft and Michael Kraft

Susan Kraft (59) and her brother, Michael Kraft (62), share a conversation about their family history, their parents' relationship, and the love with which they were raised.

Story Corps with Dad pt. 2

In part two we talked about my mom, memories of me, and advice. I learned a lot and I feel this interview will help me in life.

Janet Morrison-Lane and Dave Morrison

Janet Morrison-Lane (48) talked with her dad, Dave Morrison (75) about growing up in Missouri and some of his life choices.

An Interview With My Older Sister

My older sister, is in a really special period of her life because she’s about to graduate as a Medical Doctor! In this interview we discuss her journey to becoming a doctor, and Lindsey answers some questions from my favorite...

Interview with my mom, Jill Courville

Class assignment for IDS-2935: Compassion Blog #5 Listening Interviews

Compassion 5 Blog

In this interview, I asked my mom some questions about compassion and life and carefully listened and dissected her answers.