a chat with Caroline

Caroline shared her childhood memories and goals for the future

Thanksgiving interview, Jacob jonmichael
November 29, 2017 App Interview

We covered all of my dads childhood and some of his fondest memories.

Brandon Bruce interviewing Great Granddad Bill Bruce

I learned a lot about my granddad and I hope future generation can see this

The great listen -Myles and Willimae

The strong asset in my interveiw was that I learned that my grandmother was a great child and thats a reason why she has had a great 70 years.She didnt get a chance to go to college because her family...

Her Special People

An interview with Mrs. Lisa Holloway who is a mentor for special needs kids in her Community. In this interview she tells us what Night To Shine is and how she got involved.

Harold Warren and Lee Warren

Lee Warren (61) talks to his father, veteran Harold Warren (91), about Harold's WWII service as a Buffalo soldier in the 92nd infantry. Harold describes his time spent in Italy and in combat. Upon his return to the U.S., Harold...

JOHN Ellis 3X DE English assignment

Mom tells me about thanksgiving as a kid, she's pretty unenthusiastic about it though.

Final Presentation

My grandmother grew up picking Cotten in the Cotten fields in Arkansas

Story Corps interview Fall 2018

Dad talked about what his childhood was like and how he managed to live in a family like his. He also talked about how he met my mom and what he did at work.

Mrs. Orbal

this interview was about her thoughts about the way she wishes to see our country in the future

David Dodson and Christy Hightower
January 31, 2017 App Interview

In February of 1965 David Dodson, then an Assistant Chaplain at Colgate University, drove from New York to Atlanta, Georgia along with James Martin and another black Colgate student to attend a meeting of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)...

Thanksgiving Interview

I asked him about his life and how his actions or things he did that made him become who he is today.

A Country and Military Life

Grew up in Lonoke, Arkansas and worked in produce farm and saw mill. Joined army in 1984 and left in 2004. Influenced by step dad and metal shop teacher. Running in basic training was hardest. Hardest part was missing his...

paw paw

this was such a good experience and i really enjoyed it.

Blake McBrayer and Michelle Cronic’s Interview

The things that were talked about were how her childhood was like. Also how growing up was like.

53 years of happiness

An interview with my Granny Bea about her & my Papa Carl’s marriage.

Brenda Stovall 11/27/18

Me interviewing my grandma about her past growing up in Georgia in the 50’s and 60’s