Elliot and Greg Smith interview

We talked about my father and his childhood, specifically about his memories of his own parents and grandparents.

Interviewing My Father

This interview is a personal one between my Father and I as I learn more about his childhood and the struggles of coming to America.

Thanksgiving Interview

I talked with my dad about our family's and what he's thankful for

Interpersonal communication interview with My Mom

Interview with my mom where I ask her about if she’s proud of me and what advice she’d give her younger self.

Ethan Interviewing Rylan

We talked about who was important in my life. We also talked about my first memory with ethan.

Interviewing my dad about growing up.

We talked about his life growing up, moving to different states, and relationships with his family members.

King Favour Thanksgiving Interview

This was a fun experience. I really enjoyed preparing the interview and doing it.

November 28th 2019, James Gall with Dianne and Jim

This interview with my parents tells their life stories and how their families moved here from their countries of origin.

"We weren't really bad kids, but we did a lot of rotten stuff"

Bruce Caruso grew up in East Baltimore during the 70’s - an area that was known for hard-working steel mill employees, seafood, and some mischievous children. Bruce lived in the smallest townhouse on the street with his older brother and...

Andrew and Taylor

We talked about his childhood, his vacation, his worst moment, and his ancestors.

Creativity of My Grandmother

I talked to my grandmother about her life as a creative child, her love of Georgia & family’s creativity.

A Peek into the Past

I interview my mother about her life as a young girl finding her way through life.

CHS GTL Marcia Moser and Sarah Katherine Hugo

Sarah Katherine Hugo talks with her grandma about her life and historical events that she has experienced

Aliyah p’s story

I did my third interview thank God because in love the dude so much