Thanksgiving interveiw

Interview with Grandma about what were her fondest memories with her grandparents, her teenage years, and what she is most grateful for.

Who is Sam?

We discuss the dynamic of our relationship and life experiences that shaped sams life.

Pa’s Interview

I interviewed my grandfather and learned more about his family and where he came from.

John Coleman

In this interview, I talked with my dad, John Coleman. We recalled memories from his childhood and conversed about family.


A view into the mind and life of Danny Solorzano

My interview

I took the time today to ask my father about the relationship of how he met my mom.

“You can be a man of integrity and work at the county dump”

Bill Hicks talks about joining the Arlington County police department years after almost being killed by a police officer for attempting to help black voters in Georgia register to vote during the civil rights movement summer of 1967.

Roo’s Ramblings

Kenly Brand (14) interviews her mom Rhonda Brand (46)on her family history and childhood experiences.

Interview between Julie Barefoot and Jason Barefoot

Jason Barefoot speaks with his mother about their most fond memories of Decatur, what makes someone or something "quintessentially Decatur" and, how Decatur has informed their life experiences.

Joel Arellano and Jennifer Arellano

I Interviewed my oldest sister Jennifer and I asked her a little about everything.

Tony Velleca (My Dad)

My dad's life, his jobs, his wife, his childhood, and hopes for our world in the future!

The Story of Joseph Miller
September 17, 2018 App Interview

I interviewed Joseph Miller who is the youngest in the family of 9. He tells about some of his favorite memories growing up.

“What trait do you see in yourself that you passed down to me?”

My brother and my mom have been very close, and they talked to each other a lot more often and more easily than I talked to my mom. My brother has moved out and with that my mom and I...