Henry Watson and Ben Teague

Ben Teague (45) talks with his father, Henry Theodore Watson (80), about some difficult decisions Henry has had to make, as well as balancing family and career.

Sarah Clark and Conor McGlade

Conor McGlade (27) speaks with his fiance Sarah Clark (28) about how they met during a study abroad program in New Zealand, started dating and eventually became engaged in Ireland.

Daniel Dinur and Joanna Kobylivker

Joanna Kobylivker (42) talks with her father, Daniel "Dan" Dinur (74), about his life journey from Lithuania to Israel and ultimately to the United States. NOTE: During the interview, Dan quoted his mother as saying "Greta Garbo will be meeting...

Robin Merriman and Leslie Merriman

Husband and wife, Robin Merriman (72) and Leslie Merriman (62), have a conversation about their life together, touching on aspects related to both their personal lives and their careers.

T. Dallas Smith and Kiplyn Primus

Fellow Atlanta Business League members, Kiplyn Primus (61) and T. "Dallas" Smith (60), have a conversation about Dallas' youth in Atlanta, Georgia, and how he came to have a lucrative career in commercial real estate.

Darryl Holloman and Harding Royster

Harding Royster (37) talks with family friend, Darryl Holloman (51), about the evolution of higher education and their own college experiences.

Death, Dying and Loss

This is a interview conducted by D’reginald Alexander for Death, Dying and Loss class. Asking series of questions on perspective of death.

#GSUDeathS19 Death & Dying Interview

#GSUDeathS19 This is a Interview for both learning about how a person feels about death, and also to inform the participant about aspect of death that they may not realize.