Rene interview

This interview was with my grandma telling me her journey from growing up in her homeland to how she moved to America to begin a new life

Interview with George

In this interview, I interview George Cicero from Ghana.

Kirstie Kwarteng and Nana Aba Naaman

Kirstie Kwarteng (28) interviews Nana Aba Bentsi-Enchill (64) about her decision to immigrate from Ghana to the United States. Nana Aba talks about how her father's death impacted her. She also reflects on her own colorblindness and the experience of...

How has the way you receive information changed

Bernedicta Owusu is a family friend of mine . She came here from Ghana, so she gave me an insight on how it’s changed.

Immigration Interview with Charles Nartey
October 16, 2018 App Interview

This interview is about Charles’ journey from Ghana to America, and what the process of immigrating was like for him.

Interview with Sulayman and his mother.

Sulayman O’Riley and his mother Doreen Delali talk about her childhood and growing up in Ghana. She relates her experience migrating to the U.S, and how she transitioned between the two countries.

Jennifer Young and Ricky Agyekum

Jennifer Young (31) and Ricky Agyekum (18) talk about their political beliefs, how they became the people they are today, and the most influential people in their lives.

Mr. Adjeis story

Mr. Adjei lived in Ghana and came to America 3 years ago because he wanted his children to be closer to his parents.


I interviewed my dad, and even though he hasn't been in the US for that long he still offered a lot of incite about how he has been affected traditionally, politically, and culturally since moving to the US.

Amma Aboagye and Collingwise Osei-Aboagye

Collinwise Osei-Aboagye talks to his daughter, Amma Aboagye , about his childhood in Ghana, immigrating to the United States, his initial interactions with African Americans as a Ghanaian, and his connection with Ghanaian culture after living in the United States...

Michelle Amoah and her mom Monica Amoah discuss growing up in Ghana, West Africa

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Arlington, Texas, Michelle Amoah (16) interviews her mother Monica Amoah (47) about living in Ghana, a country in West Africa. Ms.Amoah shares stories about her childhood including living with her sister...

Kirstie Kwarteng and Isaac Kwarteng

Kirstie Kwarteng interviews her father, Isaac Kwarteng, about his life growing up on Ghana and migrating to the United States.

In Your Own Words with Pele Voncujovi

Originally a celebration of Black History Month, February 2018, Middlebury College's Davis Family Library has initiated a series of oral interviews, "In Your Own Words." In them, Literatures & Cultures Librarian Katrina Spencer engages members of the community who trace...

Immigration Interview on Ghana

This was an interview about Dr.Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah’s experiences about being an immagrant from Ghana

Historian Recording of person (Gresick 4B)

My Uncle Henry is the closest thing I have to a dad and when I was little he would always tell me stories so I thought he would be perfect for this l, even though he tends to ramble.

Adjusting to a foreign land

Nicholas “Nicky” Weinstock had jumped headfirst into an entirely new civilization, with no knowledge of the language or culture. Nicky’s son, Lincoln Weinstock, interviews him about his experience in Africa. Nicky tells about his near-death malaria experience, what it was...

First day of School

Augustine and I talked about his experience with school.

Kokaale Amissah-Aidoo and Paajoe Amissah-Aidoo

Kokaale Amissah-Aidoo (28) talks with her father Paajoe Amissah-Aidoo (69) about his life growing up in Ghana surrounded by family and moving to the US to pursue music, and eventually moving back to Ghana to enjoy being retired.