Jennifer Young and Ricky Agyekum

Jennifer Young (31) and Ricky Agyekum (18) talk about their political beliefs, how they became the people they are today, and the most influential people in their lives.


I interviewed my dad, and even though he hasn't been in the US for that long he still offered a lot of incite about how he has been affected traditionally, politically, and culturally since moving to the US.

Mr. Adjeis story

Mr. Adjei lived in Ghana and came to America 3 years ago because he wanted his children to be closer to his parents.

Kirstie Kwarteng and Nana Aba Naaman

Kirstie Kwarteng (28) interviews Nana Aba Naamanl (64) about her decision to immigrate from Ghana to the United States. Nana Aba talks about how her father's death impacted her. She also reflects on her own colorblindness and the experience of...

Historian project

A recording of my father helping me with an assignment

How has the way you receive information changed

Bernedicta Owusu is a family friend of mine . She came here from Ghana, so she gave me an insight on how it’s changed.

Kimberly Patterson and Joyce Space

One Small Step conversation partners Kimberly Patterson [no age given] and Joyce Space (79) discuss their backgrounds and values, their experiences with faith, and political issues that are salient to them.

Immigration Interview with Charles Nartey
October 16, 2018 App Interview

This interview is about Charles’ journey from Ghana to America, and what the process of immigrating was like for him.

Bilal Shareef and Kiplyn Primus

Kiplyn Primus (61) and Bilal K. Shareef (42) are fellow pilgrims who traveled to Ghana in 2019 for the inaugural Year of Return. They talk about how that journey continues to resonate with them.

Adrienne Smith and Eileen Elliott

One Small Step partners Adrienne Smith (51) and Eileen Elliott (70) discuss sustainable farming, their earliest political memories, and the benefits of growing up in multicultural environment.

Ray Blount and Sandy Francis

Friends Ray Blount (70) and Sandy Francis (70) remember the trip they took to Ghana with youths from Boston in 2000. They discuss the historical importance of Ghana and talk about Ghanaian culture and natural landmarks.

Rene interview

This interview was with my grandma telling me her journey from growing up in her homeland to how she moved to America to begin a new life

Interview with George

In this interview, I interview George Cicero from Ghana.

Joelle Aheto and her uncle, Liberty Nulaans talk about childhood memories and role models

Joelle Aheto (16) and her uncle, Liberty Nulaans (59) sit down for an interview to talk about life in Ghana, his schooling, and his passion for photography and technology. They also talked about how Christianity shaped his life and how...

"…Can one be friends with someone with a different political ideology? Ms Link shares her experience about her life and encounters"

Stephanie Stephens interviews Annabel Link for a college project and learns about each other. The basis of the topics discussed in this interview involves one's experiences, life journey, and memories. The theme is centered around "memories", reviewing our life lived...

Tim Sogbodjor interview
December 3, 2017 App Interview

Tim’s experience moving to America from Ghana.

Kate Barlow OT interview

Interview with Occupational Therapy Professor and Global Advocate for feeding disorders Dr Kate Barlow

APUSH interview (Morgan Debrah)

This interview was about her life in Ghana and how life has changed throughout the years. She also went into depth about the struggles she has endured.

Philip Dah Immigration Interview

I talked with a family friend about his immigration from Ghana.