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Immigrant Interview

An immigrants story on her transition from Greece to Canada and then into America.

LHP Garces take on America

Mia Mannion interviews her mother Elda Garces and her two aunts Mari Graces and Saraí Garces about their personal experiences adjusting to America.


Some of the experiences from a Vietnam paratrooper.

The Life of Brody Browe

summary of my father’s life (Brody Browe, 51) the impact of 9/11, and advice/lessons he has learned along the way

The New Immigrants (LHP)

Adriana Guerrero talks about her immigration journey to the United States and her experiences in this country.

Carol Hastings Vietnam War

I interviewed my Grandma Carol Hastings about her brother’s (Uncle Rich) time in the Vietnam War -Cade and Quinn are my cousins serving in the airforce -Karson, Kayla, Karter, Kamryn are the grandchildren of my Uncle Rich -Aunt Beth is...

Events of the new millennium

Rex(16) and his dad J.R(46) discuss the most notable events to happen in America since the year 2000.

New Immigrants Interview- Julie Kang

Interviewing my mom (Kyung Kang age: 40) and grandma (Sunyi Chin age: 70) about their experience immigrating to America

Immigrant interview

An interview of an immigrant and his transition from Britain to America.