Jordana Vera and Yeni Vasquez

Mejores amigas Yeni Vasquez (43) y Jordana Vera (42) comparten una conversación sobre sus experiencias estudiando en los Estados Unidos, la organización sin fines de lucro que fundaron para apoyar a otras personas hispanohablantes en Springfield, Missouri, y la amistad...

Interviewing my Dad

Juana Martinez (17) interviews her dad, Miguel Martinez (40), about his life and how it was growing up in Mexico and having to assimilate in the US.

The Night Jorge Called

Photo is from the "meeting at the park" referenced in the story. Full story at www.macolon2.blogspot.com.

interview w mi mami, ltns 435 fall '22, laura g

I, Laura Estela Gonzalez (21), interview my mom, Ana Laura Malagon (44). This interview is in Spanish and I ask my mom about her life story. It contains her childhood in Mexico, then her teenage years, and her adult life...

Mateo Rangel and my dad Joel Rangel Talking about his Life.

In this interview, conducted December 1, 2019 in Eugene, Oregon, Mateo Rangel (14) and his dad, Joel Rangel (48) talk about his life. He talks about his childhood, job, and his experience as a father. He also talks about his...

About my moyher’s life

I learn that my mother has a lovely and happiness childhood. She always take care about her family. She want to have a nice house on her beatifull Salvatierra, Guanajuato. The love of her life is my father. She want...

The Past, the Present, and the Future

While I was interviewing Veronica Cruz I asked questions about her past, the present, and also her hopes for the future. She talked about her childhood, family, and also her choices.

From very little to something big

Coming from a small ranch im Mexico, my dad tells his story of his childhood to when he came over to the United States.