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Thanksgiving Listen Cassandra Seward

Today I have interviewed my mother about some of her experiences as a child. We then went into some personal details of religion and her thoughts about it.

Years Through Foster Care

My mother, 47, recalls her childhold from the age of 5. Her perserverance through her struggles with her biological family and foster families. How she would change some things if she could but wouldn't at the same time.

Interview with Mario

We spoke on Mario’s life growing up and a bit about his family history.

Interview with an elder, grandfather Sam Rhodes

I Interviewed my grandfather, who lives right over the mountain. We talked about his life as well as what the future holds, for him as well as my family.

The Train that will not stop

This is part 1 of 2 of the project. This part of the interview is of my grandfather and his past in which I had almost no idea about. How he made it from his childhood to now and what...

An interview with my dad

Jonathan the interviewer speaks with Tim, his father, about his life and story, involving his experiences and advice for the future

Christine Accetturo and Len Burks

Christine "Chris" Accetturo (59) interviews her friend Len Burks (62) about his family's migration to Montana from the Midwest at the turn of the 20th century.

Just a guy and his daughter

This is a story of Matt asking his daughter Larkin about her life. She may only be 14 but she and the rest of the family just went through the tragedy of losing their home and coming out stronger on...

Sidney A. Smith, April 7, 2018 – 4th Interview

Mission Experiences with Elder Nelson, Chinese surgeon, temple dedication, catholic priest.