Lou Berger – Willowood x PC

Pedro Damasceno (17) speaks to Lou Berger (95). Interview hosted by Pine Crest’s Photography Club at the Willowood Brookdale resident center on August 9th, 2017. Lou shares the story of his life; New York, the army, love, and education. c/o...

Grandma Sonia

I talk to my grandmother about her life growing up in New York, getting married and moving to Florida, raising 4 kids and working a full time job.

The Continuing Life of Sam Wilson, Jr.

Sam Wilson, Jr.'s childhood memories growing up in Harlem and Bronx, NY through adulthood with his family Sam Wilson, Sr. mother Ora and sister Waltrina. He also shares sweet memories of Aunt Catherine, Granny Sadie and Great Granny Evelyn Middleton.

"We are asking for a place at the table."

Recorded on Saturday, June 17, 2017. Visual artist, Beau McCall and author/historian, Eric K. Washington discuss growing up in America, religion, and the history of Harlem. About "The Conversation" Who gets to have a seat at the table in America?...

Dinner Talk

Chantel talked about her upbringing as a child, how important family is, and the valuable lessons she’s learned over the years.

Bess Robinson Alpaugh: A Legacy

My grandmother answers various questions regarding her childhood in Montana, the grief of losing her husband, and raising six children all in her own.

“Boston is one of the most racist cities in America.”

Recorded on Saturday, June 24, 2017. Visual artist, Beau McCall and Laura Greer discuss immigration, growing up in Boston, racism, desegregation school busing programs, socially conscious black music, childhood memories of ice-skating, and more. About "The Conversation" Who gets to...

“I knew I was on dangerous ground:” Two men working to tell the story of a lifetime.

Fred and Craig talk about their five-year project to write Fred’s life story, a story with roots in the South during the Great Depression, and stops in the Army, the prize-fighting world, Harlem, Sing-Sing Prison, and Washington DC.

On the N-word: "I believe the word is our reparation."

Recorded on Saturday, June 17, 2017. Visual artist, Beau McCall and "the muse" LaNora Williams-Clark discuss growing up in public housing, the N-word, beauty standards, cultural appropriation, race and social justice in America. About "The Conversation" Who gets to have...

Steve Sparr interview #1

We are in Ariella’s apartment and we open up the interview with questions about Steve’s grandparents. This interview focuses on Steve’s humble beginnings. Enjoy!

"I'm black. I was born here. I'm still not comfortable."

Recorded on Saturday, June 3, 2017. Visual artist, Beau McCall and Karina "Blondie" Rodriguez discuss family, politics, race, gentrification, and more. About "The Conversation" Who gets to have a seat at the table in America? It’s a question Langston Hughes...

In Your Own Words with Kyle Dudley

Originally a celebration of Black History Month, February 2018, Middlebury College's Davis Family Library initiated a series of oral interviews, "In Your Own Words." In them, Literatures & Cultures Librarian Katrina Spencer engages members of the community who trace their...