The Great Thanksgiving Listen with William Stambaugh and Margret Stewart

In this interview on November 25th 2018 in Westfairview, Pennsylvania I interview my great grandmother Margaret Stewart (93) about her overall life experiences. Margaret talks about her relationship with her husband, what her grandparents were like, what it was like...

Janiece’s story

We talked about how being the youngest sister of 3 has impacted her life. We also shared some important family values and memories.

Father and son sit down

Interview with my father about his thoughts and his upbringing.

A Story of Service

This is my dad’s story of growing, learning, and how he sees the world.

My One & Only Stepson

Family is everything to us! Max is at the center of it all.

Sarah Strawser interviews her mother, Lisa Bates, about the traumatic death of her best friend.

Lisa Strawser recalls the events of her best friend’s death and gives meaningful advice and words about taking people for granted and how short life is.

Natalie Borne and her favorite aunt, Eileen, talk about her life

In this interview, Natalie Borne and Eileen Hower talk about Eileen’s childhood and early adulthood. They discuss school and childhood memories as well as her family.

Bethany Towers Interview with Toi Coover

Raised in a very religious household. Had to pretend and imagine things when playing because they didn’t have all of the technology we have today. Don’t marry young.