Mom interview

We talked about when I was born, what I was like, and what her happiest memory was of me.

U.S history

I talked to my mom about meeting my dad and becoming a parent.

Interview with Sarah Romeo

In this interview, Sarah and I discussed a couple things about her sister, Lauren, who passed away in January of 2020, when she was only 17.

Can you tell me about one of your most difficult moments in your life.

Today's interview with my mom, while sitting in my room. listening to the dogs wrestling in the living room

Interview with Rosa Parks.

I asked Rosa Parks questions about what she did and why she did it. I also asked about the effect she had on the US.

Civil War Discussion

A discussion on the Civil War and speculation about the events around it.

Immigration Interview: Bito

Catarino Salazar, 93 years of age, talks about his travels to America.

Immigration Podcast

An immigrant was interviewed about their journey to the United States

Interview w/ a close friend – Bryce George & Nick Dobbs

Me and my buddy dobbs went out to breakfast on the weekend. We were eating and decided to make this interview.

Us history

It is just a bunch of random questions I wanted to ask my grandma because I never got the chance to sit down and talk like that with her.