In my mom’s business

Asking my mom questions that I’ve been wanting to know

Us history

It is just a bunch of random questions I wanted to ask my grandma because I never got the chance to sit down and talk like that with her.

The life of Bonnie Olson

I asked her about her life and her parenting, and what her dreams are for her kids

Immigration Interview: Bito

Catarino Salazar, 93 years of age, talks about his travels to America.

Immigration Podcast

An immigrant was interviewed about their journey to the United States

Interview w/ a close friend – Bryce George & Nick Dobbs

Me and my buddy dobbs went out to breakfast on the weekend. We were eating and decided to make this interview.

Interview with my sister

Our family as a whole, her struggle with her appendix, how she has grown from it

Grandma Homesteads on the Oklahoma Prairie

My grandparents homesteaders in a dugout on the Oklahoma prairie in the early 1900’s

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

An 8 question interview with Marc Potter. It was not so brief, but funny at times.

Interview with Sarah Romeo

In this interview, Sarah and I discussed a couple things about her sister, Lauren, who passed away in January of 2020, when she was only 17.