From One Generation to the Next – Victoria Burst

Talking to my grandmother about what it was like living after WWII and the differences in generations

I have no Idea how to title this.

This interview explored the signifigance of education in my grandmother's life. Also, I learn things about my great-great-grandmother's influence on my grandmother and how my great-great-grandmother's legacy flows into my life.

Interview of the Mr. Sturgeon of Hoover High School

This is an interview of Mr. Sturgeon. He is the APUSH teacher of Hoover High School and one of the most compassionate and caring person I have ever met.

Project Empathy – AP English Language

This is an interview about the life of the outgoing sister of the pretty quiet brother.

Caroline Habig Interview

My father and I discuss various topics pertinent to our lives, such as upbringing, social media, and political opinions

Interview with my Mom

I sat down and talked with my mon about her experience in becoming a parent and her feelings through it all.

Interview with my father

This is an interview with my father in which I ask him questions to learn more about his life before and after having me.