The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My mom talked about her childhood memories and experiences and me as a baby.

Growing up

My interviewee is talking about how her childhood was and how she grew up.

What makes you Emilio Canaii?

In this interview I asked Emilio a little bit about his outlook on life, his family history, and his experiences as part of the LGBT community.

Mom interview

I interviewed my mother about her experience as a mom. Her representation as a mom in society and differences between her mom and her

The Hampton legacy

Mr.Hampton is a proud alumni of Sharpstown Highschool class of 76 I am interviewing Mr.Hampton because , I see that he is going to be interesting to the students of today so students can view how the past was with...

Talk With My Grandma
November 25, 2017 App Interview

This intereview between me and my grandma focus on my grandma past when she was a child. It also includes how she feel about her generation and young generation, from there she want to gives some advice for today generation.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Assignment

I interviewed Hayley on her childhood, accomplishments, most fond and vivid memories, and other aspects of growing up. 20 years is definitely an in-between age where you’re exploring your independence yet still feel like a child at times. It was...

Sheila Kienzle

We talked about how great Mom’s life turned out…how she is grateful for everything she’s been blessed with.

My Moms Life Before and After

On June 19, 1989, my mom, Katherine Moore, was severely hurt in a car accident, causing her to have many replacements and trauma. In this interview we talk about how it affected her and her life, and what happened.

Jordan Menard and his mom, Jenny Menard talk about childhood, growing up, work life, and experiences with each other.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Austin, Texas, Jordan Menard (16) interviews his friend and mother Jenny Menard (47) about her childhood and overall life. Mrs. Menard shares stories about growing up and things she did when she...

Afternoon with Padrino

This interview is to see what experiencias my godfather went through and how he persevere through them.

Uncle Phil

Phil Shannahan, my great uncle, was the fifth and final child born to John and Virginia Shannahan in 1945. His siblings, Ann, Dave, Jim, and Sharon, provided him with ample love, life tips, protection, and a great relationship. Phil grew...

Grandmother Cutlip 2017

I interview my grandmother about her childhood, career, and marriage

Raymond Harris

The origins of and advice given by Raymond Harris himself. This interview also covers his personal life and as well as his childhood memories of his relatives and others who inspired him.

Ayden interviews his grandmother, Re over FaceTime.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen over Facetime. Ayden interviews his grandmother Cheri about growing up with a single mother and being a single mother. My grandmother curses.

Grandma Hall Interview

I spoke with my Grandma Hall, who is my mom’s mother. I asked her questions about her younger life and the moments that make her who she is today.

Real interview – A legacy #APUSHinterview #mom

My mom and I talked about many things including her experience being a first generation American, her job, any regrets, and how she would like to be rememebered.