Carolyn Osborn and Donna Schloss

Carolyn Osborn (74) interviews her friend Donna Schloss (78) about Donna's career as a nurse, her travels throughout the world, and her work with the U.S. State Department.

My moms interview

Sylvia gonzalez, my mom, is who i chose to interview.

First Year of Teaching: Stephanie Pelfrey

Stephanie Pelfrey, a 25 year veteran dance teacher, explains her first year as a teacher, the struggles she went through, and the things she learned along the way.

Patricia Williams and Jasmine Barnes

Patricia Williams (56) and her daughter, Jasmine Barnes (23), talk about the three generations of resilience in their family, starting with Patricia's mother and Jasmine's grandmother, Bessie, and the strengths each generation gained from the one before.

Carolyn’s oral history project

During my interview I talked with my dad about his life story.

Melinda Hamilton and Felicia Williams

Friends Melinda Hamilton [no age given] and Felicia Williams [no age given] have a conversation about helping others navigate the grieving process. They also discuss their shared experiences and talk about their nonprofits called "Journey 2 Healing Hearts" and "Mother's...

Media and careers survey interview

interview for mc class :). We just talked about what we’re studying. Getting to know others in similar majors .

Great Great Uncle Roy

Roy (84) talks with Willow (16) about his life. Due to his limited memory Willow and Esmeralda (64) talks about Roy.

Vito Palmietto and Vito G Palmietto

Vito G Palmietto (30) interviews his father, Vito Palmietto (61), about his career in the food service industry. They discuss Vito's experiences acting as an Executive Chef and as a Food and Beverage Director, as well as what it was...

Andre Marcel Harris & Alexis Harris

Andre shares with his sister Alexis about his journey with sickle cell disease. He was originally diagnosed while he was still in his mothers womb and had a stroke at 2 years-old. On numerous occasions he has had to go...

Terri Oliger and Pearl Casias

One Small Step partners Pearl Casias (79) and Terri Oliger (51) share a conversation about their lives growing up, the importance of self-reliance, and playing the role of matriarch in their extended families.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My mom talked about her childhood memories and experiences and me as a baby.

Story Corps Interview with Dr. James Vaughan on his experiences with Race & Identity

This Interview is an assignment for the AAS4013 : Race & Identity through Pop Culture class taught by Professor Martina McGhee at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I conducted this interview with James Vaughan, Ph.D. to learn more...

Celia Flores and Cristina Flores

Cristina, 30, speaks to mother, Celia, 59, about the dath of nephew, David, 22 years ago and the impact it had on their family. Cristina, 30 años, habla con su mama, Celia, 59 años, sobre la muerte de su sobrina,...

Growing up

My interviewee is talking about how her childhood was and how she grew up.

Uncle Phil

Phil Shannahan, my great uncle, was the fifth and final child born to John and Virginia Shannahan in 1945. His siblings, Ann, Dave, Jim, and Sharon, provided him with ample love, life tips, protection, and a great relationship. Phil grew...

The Hampton legacy

Mr.Hampton is a proud alumni of Sharpstown Highschool class of 76 I am interviewing Mr.Hampton because , I see that he is going to be interesting to the students of today so students can view how the past was with...