William Proctor and Summer Cody

Summer Cody (23) interviews County Commissioner William “Bill” Proctor (62) about his childhood, his family, and his career as a pastor, an adjunct professor of political science at Florida A&M University, and County Commissioner of Leon County.

Tony Lee and Nicole Shepard

Co-workers Jamal Lee, 24, and Nicole Shepard, 30, talk about their early backgrounds, what go them into education, and the passions that fuel their lives.

Noelle Trent and Charles McKinney

Dr. Noelle Trent (39) discusses with colleague and friend Dr. Charles McKinney (52) the experience of blackness throughout their early and current lives, pursuit of academia, and their experience in the subject of History.

Mohamed Mansaray and Gibril Mansaray

Mohamed Mansaray (38) shares a conversation with his father, Gibril Mansaray (69). They reflect on the experience of Gibril taking Mohamed to work as a child, and the impact that has had on his personal and educational journey.

Chestina Archibald and Albert Archibald III

Rev. Chestina Archibald (75) tells her son, Albert John "AJ" Archibald (50), about her childhood, family, and education.

Victor Adimoraegbu and Andrew Justicia

Dr. Victor Adimoraegbu (32) sat down with friend and colleague, Andrew Justicia (no age given). Together they discussed Dr. Adimoraegbu's journey to healthcare and his experiences in medicine.

Enid Roberts MD and Alexis Roberts McMillan

Sisters Alexis Roberts McMillan [no age given] and Enid Roberts MD [no age given] talk about how growing up alongside Florida A&M University’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, as well as with their family’s pharmacy, Economy Drug Store, impacted...

Doris Smith, Earlene McKee, and Laura James

Longtime friends Earlene McKee (63) and Laura James (63) talk with new friend Doris Smith (88) about her life, her faith, and her commitment to helping others.

Shantelle ( moms interview )

I take a second to get one on one about my moms life in great detail. From her childhood, to her favorite thing about me ! Great bonding experience.

Julaine Hunter and Rhonda Jones

One Small Step participants Julaine Hunter (49) and Rhonda Jones (52) talk about the ways their childhoods shaped their politics, how COVID has affected them, and the recent loss of Julaine's daughter.

Jewel Mandeville and James Patterson

Jewel Mandeville (84) shares a conversation with her husband, James Patterson (94), about his life and career. They discuss James's memories of his childhood, his work as an X-ray technician, and the challenges he faced under segregation.

Amma Aboagye and Collingwise Osei-Aboagye

Collinwise Osei-Aboagye talks to his daughter, Amma Aboagye , about his childhood in Ghana, immigrating to the United States, his initial interactions with African Americans as a Ghanaian, and his connection with Ghanaian culture after living in the United States...

Janet [No Name Given] and Betsy Haddad

One Small Step partners Janet [No Name Given] (37) and Betsy Haddad (55) discuss pressure to have children, the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth's behavioral health, and navigating drug use as a parent.