Coworker questionnaire

In this interview I asked questions about the childhood and current circumstances of my friend and coworker.

Wynn-Frame Interview, Our Paternal Grandparents

This interview is about our collective memories of our paternal grand parents, William and Rosa Wynn. As far as we know, they lived their entire adult lives in Huntsville and in the Huntsville area. William passed away when we were...

Our Paternal Uncles: Ed, Leon & Milton Wynn

This is an interview about our paternal uncles; Ed, Leon and Milton Wynn. It includes their military history and a little about their respective families. Ed was the oldest and lived his adult life in Texas and in Hawaii. He...

Diaries of Marilyn (Myrler) Brazelton Wynn

This interview is about 3 books that Marilyn Brazelton Wynn kept in her late teens and early twenties. These books include a 5 year diary, a book of signatures from her classmates at Monrovia School when her family moved and...

Brazelton-Stafford Interview – Our Maternal Grandparents

In this interview, we discuss our memories of our maternal grandparents; Herbert Hinds Brazelton and Ursula Stanford Brazelton. Ursula passed away before any of us were born so we do not have any direct knowledge of her. Herbert was close...

Don Wynn

This interview is about two of his projects as a consultant and about his passion for cars.

Consulting Work Experiences of Don Wynn

Don worked as a consultant in the Information Technology industry for 25 years. That work required extensive travel mostly within the US but included some international travel as well. For a boy from a small town in Alabama, this work...

James "Pat" Patterson and Barbara Ann Creamer

Barbara Ann Luttrell Creamer (34) talks with her grandfather, James “Pat” Patterson (90), about being the first in his family to study engineering and how that led to a rewarding career at NASA.

William Robinson III and Dale Hutchens

Former student, Dale Hutchens (57) interviews his high school band director, William Robinson III (73) about his love of music and his career as a band director.

Our Cousins, Kenneth and David Brazelton

We discuss our fondest memories of our cousins; Kenneth and David Brazelton. They are the sons of our Uncle Allen Brazelton and his wife Margie. Both were very successful in life. David was the oldest and worked as a meat...

Brazelton Interview – Our Maternal Aunts and Uncles

This interview is about our maternal aunts and uncles; Herbert Hinds Brazelton Jr, Allen Walker Brazelton and Phoebe Turner Brazelton. Hinds and Allen lived in the Huntsville area for their entire lives and raised their families here. Phoebe moved to...

Thanksgiving History with Grandma

I take the time to learn more about who my grandma is, and who the rest of my family was too. Banks, school in Italy, Frank getting taken out by a gold-diggers with a frying pan... There's a lot I...

The Billfold

This interview is about a lost wallet, $300 and two boys who did the right thing.

Marilyn Goode Brazelton Wynn, Tony’s Recollections

This is a second interview about our mother to include the memories of her youngest child, Tony Michael Wynn. It should be considered to be an extension of an earlier interview done by Don and Collins Wynn about her.

Our Paternal Aunts; Betty, Zelma and Ida Sue Wynn

In this interview, we discuss our Dad's sisters; Betty, Zelma and Ida Sue. Betty and Zelma both lived into adulthood and had children and families of their own but Ida Sue died in infancy before any of us were born....