Thanksgiving with The Edna

107 year old Edna Van Zee shares memories of her life in Iowa. At the end, she shares bittersweet memories of being a twin.

Interview of Virginia Hotaling

We discussed her life as a kid and as an adult. We also talked about people that impacted her life.

Nancy Geiger and Yongan Wu

Nancy (58) and Yongan (62) talk about why they love their jobs and what their day-to-day experiences are like interacting with library patrons.

Creativity for a Lifetime: An Interview with Professor Anne Stapleton

Sydney Ginter sits down with Professor Anne Stapleton, a scholar of British 19th century literature and a professor at the University of Iowa, to have a conversation about creativity and expression.

Charity Tyler and Katie Geiken

Charity Tyler (43) talks with her professional predecessor Katie Geiken (38) about their experiences in the role of Executive Director of the Cedar Rapids Public Library Foundation, the process of city planning before and after the 2008 flood, and their...

Interview With LuAnn Freund

I met with LuAnn Freund. We discussed the ups and downs of her past, along with her present life and future ambitions.

Inaugural O Show

Ryan McInroy sat down with a fellow teacher to share some of his life story

Mr highshoe

It a interview about my fist period teacher since I Stated in city high school

Iowa memories

In this interview we mostly talked about memories and about me but mostly him. This interview shows what Allyn has been through in his life.

Grandma and Grandpa Elbert 11/25/20

Joe and Marie Elbert, my grandparents, built their own house and share memories of Grandpa’s childhood in rural Iowa.

Great grandpa Arlyn and great grandma Judy

Interviewing great grandma and great grandpa about their childhood

Grace Erickson Interviews Grandma Bonnie Erickson About Her Childhood

In this interview, conducted November 27, 2015 in Readlyn, Iowa, Grace Erickson (14) interviews her grandma Bonnie Erickson(76) about her childhood and growing up. She talks about meeting her husband and having her 3 boys.

Discussing Life with Molly Barten

Today, my sister and I Molly discussed some deep questions about life.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interveiw

Talking about my grandpa's life with my family. I asked 10 questions about his life.

The McCluskey Family Thanksgiving Listen

My mom and I talked about her childhood, her biggest influences, and about being a parent and how it has changed her life.

Life as a Teen Mother

I interviewed my mother about her life when she found out she was going to be a teen mom.