Interview with Nanna ❤️

We talked about Nanna’s family and how she missed Nanno a lot

Mom & Dad – Opposites attract?

Loren and Carol tell about how they met, their wedding and their travels in Italy

Auntie Jo

She talks about her life and how her family and faith has effected her.

Thanksgiving History with Grandma

I take the time to learn more about who my grandma is, and who the rest of my family was too. Banks, school in Italy, Frank getting taken out by a gold-diggers with a frying pan... There's a lot I...

The legacy

A proud family history of immigrants who came from Sicily, Italy many years ago through Ellis island. Many generations later, this family is still proudly contributing to the prosperity of America.

Lauretta Alberti
November 27, 2015 App Interview

This is an interview between my grandmother Lauretta Alberti and myself. The questions were compiled by the extended family and the interview occurred during a family reunion over the 2015 Thanksgiving weekend.

Growing up
December 30, 2018 App Interview

We talked about Mom’s childhood and experiences immigrating to the US, as well as memories about her family.

Nana Josephine

It’s was very nice knowing a little more about my grandma

Antonio Cariello & Giuseppe Marrone

Antonio Cariello (me), and my soon-to-be 81 years old grandpa go over his best and worst moments. These span from his childhood during World War II to his experience fighting lymphoma, covering subjects like marriage and the birth of children...

Ben interviews his Pop Pop

Bennett B. Interviews his Pop Pop from Italy. The interview starts off with Pop pops life in Italy and slowly makes its way to present day. The story goes all the back to 1940 up to thanksgiving day 2019. The...

Great Thanksgiving Listening

We talked about my mother’s life and all the adventures she has been on.

Ariam Tecle and Samuel Tecle talk about childhood back in Eritrea.

In this interview, conducted in December 2019, Ariam Tecle interviews her father about his childhood and the people that have impacted his life. He also mentions the struggle of leaving Eritrea to come to America at a young age. He...

Interview with Nonna

Although she’s sick of hearing it, my Nonna is a strong, powerful woman. She like the rest of my family has lost so much but know that she will always have her family to lean on. Faith is one of...

Humanities 1 Project

An interview with my grandfather. We talk about his childhood, his experiences coming to the US, and his reflections about his life so far.

St. Jude Pray For Us

Carmella speaks of her Italian background, loss of her husband and explains the special connection she has to St. Jude.