Ray Owen, Ray Owen, and Mary Streeter

Ray Owen (90) tells his son Ray H. Owen and his daughter Mary Streeter (64) about his time in the service and meeting their mother, Isabelle Mahoney.

Selma Rockett and Erika Seid

Selma Rockett (68) talks with her niece Erika Seid (43) about the different chapters in her life: her childhood and family, her career and being a mother.

Susana Alfonso and Cory Hall

Dr. Susana Alfonso (47) shares her insights about her profession and memories of a few patient stories.

A Message to Teens Growing Up Today.

Patricia Williams talks about her life at school, and at home. She gives advice to teens and shares her real life experiences which can help others.

9/11 interview

i interviewed a friend of my sister about her expiriance on the day 9/11 happened

Interviewing My Friend's Dad

Nicholas Jakoulov is an immigrant from Russia who came to America for adventure and ended up staying.

Steve Desroches and Jon Richardson

Steve Desroches (48) talks to musician Jon Richardson (35) about his work in Provincetown, Massachusetts and in particular his role as a piano man in a town with a long tradition of piano bars.

Kyle Alves and Kerri Mclaughlin great thanksgiving listen

My mother loves her family very much. It is one of the most important things in the world to her.

Alexa Scanlon Interview with Her Maternal Grandmother

On Thanksgiving Day 2020, Alexa Scanlon (13) interviewed her maternal grandmother, Frances Piscatelli (66) about growing up in a large Italian family in Boston, MA. In the interview, Alexa also asks her grandmother about their family traditions and how she'd...

StoryCorps Interview

For this interview I asked my dad (Trey) questions mostly about his past. Including growing up, his biggest influences in his life and things like that. To be honest I learned more about my dad in those 30 minutes than...

Interview with my nana

I ask questions about my nana’a life growing up in the United States as she moved from Italy at the young age of 8 years old. I ask questions about adapting to a new country, learning English, raising children and...

Kevin Ward and Joy Horowitz

Joy Horowitz: 2020-08-13 21:48:21 Kevin Ward (67) talks with his Harvard Class of 1975 classmate Joy Horowitz (67) about how he re-memorized poetry to heal from a traumatic brain injury after a bicycle accident. And he sets the record straight...

So Wrong, but So Right

Long before texts, emails, and snapchat, if you wanted to talk to someone you either had to write a letter, or use the phone, and not a cell phone. Jake Freedman interviewed his grandfather Saul Freedman about his mid-high school...

Tiffany Do and her librarian, Cindy Die, talks about her happiest moments in Boston, Massachusetts.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts, Tiffany Do (16) interviews her librarian Cindy Die (60) about her happiest moments in her college experience. Ms. Die shares stories about what she have learned in life as she...

A Friend from Turkey part 2

Kaan felt that there was a language barrier in the beginning but Kaan felt that adjustment in the US was very easy in general and felt that the diverse culture of the US made it easy for immigrants to intergrate.


The life of this person and how they feel about it today

Anthony Stripling and Gabriella Stripling

Anthony Stripling (50) has an honest conversation with his daughter, Gabriella Stripling (13), about his family, his childhood, his regrets, and his motivations for enrolling her in private school.

Interview with my Mom

I spoke with my mom about her previous career choices. Also, I talked to her about some of her family growing up. I learned a lot about what her career was like which I found interesting.