Keira Webb and Fred Witt: the great thanksgiving listen

I interviewed my grandfather about his childhood,what he is thankful for, and what his life was like when he was growing up. This interview was done over a phone for the great thanksgiving listen.

A Conversation About Death

Ashley Todd and guest Julianne Register discuss their own experiences with death and then share thoughts on topics such as what it means to have a "good" death, the importance of advanced care planning, how our perception of death changes...

Beryll Taylor and Tessie Rogers

Beryll Taylor (73) speaks to her wife, Tessie Field Rogers (69), about how they first met. The two reflect on their childhoods growing up in Georgia and retiring to the Gulfport, FL area. They got married a few years ago...

Sarah Clark and Conor McGlade

Conor McGlade (27) speaks with his fiance Sarah Clark (28) about how they met during a study abroad program in New Zealand, started dating and eventually became engaged in Ireland.

Jerome Hughes and Dwain Bridges

Friends Jerome Hughes (42) and Dwain Bridges (30) talk about how they and their families have struggled with their homosexuality and their HIV statuses.

Raina Saunders and Edward Hall

Edward Austin Hall (59) asks his friend Raina Saunders [no age given] about her life and relationships.

Kathi Martin and Billie Ross

Kathi Martin (55) and her friend Billie Ross (62) talk about how Kathi's relationship with her father influenced her going into ministry and what happened on the day that Kathi was ousted from her own church that she built.

Martha Shen and Carrie Shen

Life partners Martha Shen (50) and Carrie Shen (58) talk about how they met and how they wound up adopting their two sons.

Staci Catron and Kate Daly

Colleagues Staci Catron (49) and Kate Daly (29) ask each other questions about their life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Traveling in the 1970’s-1990’s

Through this interview, I talk with my great aunt about her travels throughout the 1970's-1990's. She discusses some of her trips such as France, Italy, Ireland, and more.

Questions for my grandmother

An interview that answers some questions I have been dying to ask my grandmother!

Clyde Waldron and Anne Riggsby

Anne Riggsby (60) interviews her father, Korean War veteran, Clyde Waldron (83) about his experiences growing up in South Georgia, becoming a paratrooper, a Union Auto plant representative, a Builder, father and husband.

Carla McGhee and Ruthie Bolton

Carla McGhee (52) talks with longtime friend and teammate Ruthie Bolton [no age given] about their experience winning gold in the 1996 Olympics.