Today I interviewed Donna Scott about what it was like for her being a parent and raising me.

Robert Welch and Kanmani Arcot

One Small Step partners Kanmani Arcot (21) and Robert "Bob" Welch (74) share a conversation about their upbringings, their political values, and the value of education.

My interview with Michelle

My interview with Michelle is like a life lesson she has been a huge and really good influence on me I wouldn't have picked anyone else for this

Miranda, 19

Miranda is 19 years old and is a student at Jacksonville State University. Miranda and I are friends and classmates in English 101. We discussed growing up, college, and more.

Time Away

Alabama college students talk about the time one of them moved to Pennsylvania, and the differences between the states and the challenges he faced.

Interview with Teta

Interview with my teta. She is a very amazing woman and has the best answers to questions.

Growing Up and School

Growing up in the 1980: is similar to growing up today in that kids look for different forms of entertainment, but one of today’s forms of entertainment is much more different. Electronic devices are teens’ source entertainment today whereas such...

Suneel Mahajan and Rupa Robbins, May 2021

Father interviewed by daughter about his early life in Malawi and India, his immigration to the U.S., and his family.

Harold Searcy Life & Times Part lll

Aviation trading thru Corpus Christi and Jacksonville. Ending with first trip to the Great Lakes for Carrier training.

Betty Douglas’s 98th birthday

Betty’s memories of growing up near the beach, in the years of the Depression

Michelle talks food

It was a brief interview with Michelle an American about her views on Traditional Haitian and American food.

Krumpin 4 Success, Inc. Making an Impact: Candid conversation with Youth Advocate Shanna Carter & Youth Natasha Baker

This interview is about the genuine dedication and advocacy Shanna Carter, Founder of Krumpin 4 Success has for every young person that comes through the various programs. Shanna and one youth talk about the program and its benefit on both...

Maria Reed and Sebastian Gillespie

Partners, Maria E. Reed (27) and Sebastian Gillespie (26) remember how they met, their upcoming travel plans, and their shared love of food and beer.

Douglas DeBolt and Darby Cogburn

One Small Step conversation partner’s Darby Cogburn (43) and Douglas "Doug" DeBolt (57) take an hour to discuss their life as educators, the evolution of American culture, and the consequences of a divided country.

Taylor Reed Boes and Jordan Everything Stanton

Fiancées, Jordan Everything Stanton (30) and Taylor Reed Boes (31), sit down for a conversation about their relationship, their experiences coming out as trans women, and Jordan's loved ones who have passed away.

Ashante Collins and Latrieva Boston

Ashante Collins (30) shares a conversation with her mother, Latrieva Boston (46), about their relationship, how Latrieva handled teenage parenthood, and how they have been able to grow and flourish together.

Brenda and Bob Levins

How Brenda Myers met Bob Levins. Today, November 2nd, 2018 is the 27th wedding anniversary and the 31st anniversary of their meeting.