Jim Hastings

Ralph interviews Jim about his life including his time in school, parents and sister, wife and children and other interesting topics.

Dave McShane

Dave is interviewed in Kalamazoo Michigan at friendship village about his career and family

John coats

This interview of John was recorded at friendship village in Kalamazoo michigan

The Great Holiday Listen: Traveling Actress/Dancer

How did two twin girls from the sleepy suburbs of 1920s Kalamazoo Michigan go on to act in New York, dance in Puerto Rico, and end up on the Andy Williams Christmas Show? On January 4, 2020, Harrison Williams sat...

Roommate interview

I interviewed someone on their experience living in the dorms.

Rachel Van Eck

During the interview we talked briefly about Rachel’s childhood, family, and school.

Hannah & Austin

Hannah interviewing her boyfriend Austin about some of life’s most important questions

Bob Birkenmeyer

Ralph interviews Bob about his life. Bob talks about his wife and children, travels, time in the military, and passions.