Me and My Dad

A lot was that was talked about was life things. Those things including religion and the future

My mother’s interesting life

My mother telling me about her life. She has an interesting life that is full of many experiences. My mother is an amazing person that gladly accepted being in this interview.

The War Years

I interviewed Nani about the War Years, she talks about her birth in India as well as a few beautiful traveling stories. She touches on her faith and love for the coincidences which make us whole.

The Wonderful Life of Alex

I wanted to learn more about Alex so I interveiwed him and learned some cool things.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mom, Kim, about her life and all the things surrounding it.

Tory Krebs and ATA – for Dr. Lee

Talking about the history of ATA and the lessons learned from owning a small business.

Interview with grandma

My grandma talks about her father's values and what it was like to be young in 1960's

Dan Ahlstrom and Mohan Kambampati

One Small Step conversation partners Dan Ahlstrom [no age given] and Mohan Kambampati (79) discuss their backgrounds, political views, religious influences, and share their appreciation for Wichita, KS.

Steve and Corey, January 2016

We talked about Dad's childhood, grandparents, influential adults, and advice for future generations.

TWM interview project

We talked about my dads choices in life and our family

Thanksgiving memories

talk about what she loves most about it and why thanksgiving is so special to her and our family.

KS FFA Project 2028 – Bob Edwards

In this interview, Bob Edwards discussed his memories from FFA and agricultural education. Bob was an FFA member from 1944 to 1948 in the Emporia FFA Chapter.

Final Project

I chose to interview Mike Shaw, a retired BNSF employee. I thought that Mike would have good perspective on what being a railroad engineer was really like. Mike not only had pivotal information on what was expected of him and...

Walking in moms shoes

This is an interview about my moms childhood and the struggles as a teen mom.

My mama
November 27, 2017 App Interview

This is me asking my mom several story that we're both happy and sad.

The big family tree

This interview include previous family history and a few statements for our future children’s children❤️

Interviewing Nana

We spoke about family and how important it is. We also spoke about business and how she grew up.

Vietnam war cadet interview

I interviewed my Grandfather about what he did and what happened in the vietnam war