Dave Beightel and Kara Krekeler

Kara Krekeler, 33, interviews her father, Dave Beightel, 67, about his childhood ordeal with polio.

Booth and Penner family history by John Booth age 94

John Booth tells about the Penner family of his wife judy and about the Booth family heritage for 3+ generations on the family farm in Peck, KS.

Grandpa’s Stories

Grandpa talked about when he was a child and the most difficult times in his life

EMC Interview w/ Michelle Golloher

Interview between daughter and mother. Mother shares stories and information about life and ancestral history.

Student leader’s perspective on being a Builder

Tessa Castor describes her experience at Southwestern College and all the tough challenges that come with going to college. Castor also explains what it means to her to be a Builder.

Memories of working in pattern shop at Cessna and Boeing aircraft plants 1948 to 1992 by John Booth of Peck, Kansas.

John worked in the pattern shop at Cessna in Boeing from 1948 until 1992. his father-in-law worked at Cessna as an inspector and his son in law is about to retire from Boeing.

Paige interviews her Dad about Gordon Parks

Interview for a school assignment about someone important in history that they admire.

Jeff Tully and John Tully

Brothers, Jeff Tully (55) and J. Tully (57), try to make sense of the car accident that took their father's life away and talks about how different life has been without a father figure in their lives.

Thanksgiving Listen Interview

I interviewed my grandfather about his childhood and adulthood. I liked interviewing my grandfather because I dont get to ask him a lot questions a lot of times.

The great Thanksgiving listen

Inin this interview we talked about my grandma's life for the most part and her opinion on some of it.

Charles Eby and Janet Fox-Petersen

One Small Step partners Charles Eby (76) and Janet Fox-Petersen [no age given] talk about their families, getting involved in their communities, and about the importance of compassion.

Grandma Jackie’s Listen

Life is good! Times are different from when I (Jackie Denk) was a child.

A Mother’s Lessons

Jude, and his mom Mary Ellen, share some of the lessons that he has learned from his mother and their past experiences, as well. 15:00 through end.

Interview with grandma

My grandma talks about her father's values and what it was like to be young in 1960's

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mom, Kim, about her life and all the things surrounding it.

Me and My Dad

A lot was that was talked about was life things. Those things including religion and the future

Steve and Corey, January 2016

We talked about Dad's childhood, grandparents, influential adults, and advice for future generations.

The Wonderful Life of Alex

I wanted to learn more about Alex so I interveiwed him and learned some cool things.