My grandma and I talked about how she met my grandpa and where she lived and my dad and my childhood.

Interview with Audrey’s Grandmother, Ann Shulgin

In this interview, Ann Shulgin talks with her granddaughter about her childhood, and the lessons she’s learned throughout her life.

Robert Mere-Christmas 2018

Robert Mere shared his memories of growing up, the influence of education and a strong loving family on his development, and the importance of accepting other people where they are at. He used the culmination of his 79 years of...

Making a nature connection for the Latino community in Lafayette, Colorado

Miami University graduate student Susan Cousins spoke with Keith Desrosiers about how Thorne Nature Experience is working to get Latino families in Lafayette, Colorado into nature.

My moms Different Childhood

For my final project I decided to interview my mom. This is for my intro to Anthropology class at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. I recently traveled to Carencro, Louisiana and I realized it strongly reflected what I was...

An Interview of my Grandmother: Life from the 1950s to the 2000s

Makenna Turner interviews her grandmother, Barbara Furlong, about her life from her childhood in the 1950s/60s to her adulthood in the 1970s to 2000s. Barbara recounts her time growing up in Hollywood, California and the influences of the Cold War...

Family History

My grandmother and I talk about how she met my grandfather, how her parents came to the U.S., and how she got her nickname.

Interview for IREAD 320

I asked Hunter random questions that I thought would be fun and interesting to talk about.

Story Corp Project Interview Ryan Bishop

This interview, conducted in Lafayette, Colorado on the 20th of May 2019, Ryan Bishop interviews his dad Justin Bishop about his experiences in life. The interview discusses such things as Justin's experience as a guitarist trying to make it big,...

Ired interview

Her interview went very well. The app made things very easy to do and had everything you needed to interview someone.

Interview with Alicen Simpson

I interview my younger sister about her life and some of her memories/inspiration she has experienced throughout the years


I conducted an interview with my sister.

How has life defined you?

This is a quick interview with my husband about his life experiences that help shape who he is today.

Harley Dupre Thanksgiving Interview

Harley and I discussed her difficult past with her fathers passing. She also discussed 2 powerful women influences in her life.