Valerie Taylor and Vernon Taylor

Vernon Taylor (88) is joined by his daughter, Valerie Taylor [no age given], as he remembers his life's journey as a black apprentice and later as an Air Condition Refrigeration Engineer and Instructor.

Terry Rogaczewski and Nissa Tzun

Terry Rogaczewski (47) talks with his friend Nissa Tzun (39) about the night he took Ambien, experienced negative side effects, and woke up two days later having been shot by Las Vegas police with no recollection as to why he...

Interview with my Mother

I interview my mom for about 10 minutes learning more about her and her thoughts on life.

Christina Vela and Jessica Halling

Christina Vela (48) interviews her friend and colleague Jessica Halling (40) about her experience as a survivor of sex trafficking and about her journey on the path towards healing.

My father Jason

interviewing my dad for yearbook 2021… who knows !! maybe i will look back on this years down the line

Barry Stich and Harriet Stich

Barry Stich (57) interviews his mother, Harriet Stich (89), about her experiences growing up in the Bronx, the car accidents that she survived, about the family that was lost and gained, and finally, what brought her to Las Vegas, Nevada.