Andrew Benson and Phillip Surgent

Andrews Benson (36) speaks with his One Small Step conversation partner Phillip Surgent (42) about what enlightened each of them to politics, including 9/11 and watching CSPAN, and the causes that make them think today, such as Black Lives Matter,...

Paulyne Ngalame Ntuba and Yarkasah Peter Paye

Paulyne Ngalame Ntuba (41) speaks with her coworker Yarkasah Peter Paye (46) about why they both felt called to be deployed in the Ebola response and about Paulyne's experiences during her deployment to Guinea.

Joseph Sackor and Syma Mohammed

Joseph Sackor [no age given] is interviewed by StoryCorps's staff member Syma Mohammed [no age given] about his journey from Liberia to the U.S., the influence former President Obama had in his political interest, memories from his hometown, and his...

The Story of Kadiatu Sheriff

Kadiatu Sheriff, my mother, gives me a look into her struggle in Africa, her move to the U.S., and how she adjusted to the American lifestyle.

iCampus – Luther Jeke with Lawrence Yealue

Lawrence and Luther chatted about their personal experiences and the work they do at iCampus and Accountability Lab Liberia

Dorothy Davis and Benjamin Davis

Siblings Dorothy Davis (69) and Benjamin Davis (67) reflect on their time growing up as children of foreign service workers. They discuss the differences between going to school abroad versus in the United States as Black students during the early...

The day they came for me

Account of being imprisoned without knowledge of cause - turns out it was based on false accusation from girlfriend of vice head of state

Historian Recording of person (Gresick 4B)

My Uncle Henry is the closest thing I have to a dad and when I was little he would always tell me stories so I thought he would be perfect for this l, even though he tends to ramble.

Historian Recording

This was a great interview. We discussed many topic about Katumu’s life and learned more about them.

Cherry Jaymes and Shai Jones

Cherry Jaymes (21) and her sibling, Shai L. James (23), talk about the intersection of Blackness and queerness, being true to themselves, and their gender identity journeys.

Heidi Rockwell and Dr. Jessie Leyse, MD. "It's Been a Long Year."

Heidi Rockwell: 2020-11-29 01:53:02 Heidi Rockwell (51) talks with her niece Dr. Jessie Leyse (37) about her journey to become an Infectious Disease physician and how that path has prepared her to address 2020's Covid-19 global pandemic.

Nikolaus Guran and Chapin Montague

Chapin Montague (24) asks her conversation partner, Nikolaus "Nik" Guran (49), about his experiences and deployments in the military and his journey to seeking help and encouraging others to seek help for PTSD.

Papa and Arielle

My Papa talks about how our family immigrated from Guyana to America. He talks about his childhood in Guyana, and transitioning to the United States as an adult.

Life as a Sailor

This interview takes a look into the life of a sailor. Petty Officer 3rd class Lyons describes what motivated him to join the navy. He talks about what it was like while he was in the navy and the adventures...

Life During The Liberian Civil War

Come on in and listen as we dive deep into life during the Liberian Civil War. Join me as I interview my mother, Lorraine Kyne, about her experience.

Lisa Delaney and Marilyn Duffoo

Commander Lisa Delaney (40) and Marilyn Duffoo (43) talk about their deployment to Liberia and Sierra Leon to fight Ebola.

Phil Hernick

Interview with Phil Hernick, age 73, about his life growing up in Minnesota with his 6 brothers and sister, his experiences in the PeaceCorp in Liberia - where he learned Gizima Loma - and Guayaquil, Ecuador, plus his time at...