My interview with my grandma

It was a fun experience listening to my grandma about her child hood

Sage and Her Mom

We talked about my mom’s life when she was a child and my childhood. We also talked about her grandparents and parents.

Thanksgiving listen: A Life in Peru

Today we normally don’t have a chance to talk to the people who matter the most in our lives. On November 24 I sat down with my mom and we talked she told me about her life in Peru and...

Maria Rosario Castillo Keller 2018

A mother and daughter conversation about moving to the United States from Peru, relationships, the difference in cultures, and stories from growing up.

Interview #1

We talked about my mom’s childhood, her parents, her life back in Peru, and our ancestors.

Interview with Mom – Mercedes Arnold

This interview was conducted in Miami, FL with my mother, Mercedes Arnold.

Stars and Mom

Moments with my mother have always been deep and meaningful. Most of the stuff I asked her I had already known. We talked about childhoodsand memories of passed regrets and blissful moments one could never forget.

María Luisa Ugarte a los 90-I

Los primeros años de María Luisa en el Cuzco. Recuerdos de Yucay. La mudanza a Lima.

Oz Geoghegan’s international childhood; growing up in different continents

Talking to my Japanese mother about her life growing up and how moving influenced her childhood and later life decisions.