Eleanor Lipsmeyer

Dr. Eleanor Lipsmeyer tells about her life growing up and going to medical school at a time when there were not many women in medicine.

Being Saved

This is my mother, LaKeisha Stinyard. This story is about an era in her life. It is about the experience of her being saved from a young teenager until the present time.

Important loved ones

What it was like as a child. And what it was like in Okinawa

Sister and Bro

This is my older sister and I interviewed here cecause she has accomplished a lot in her life and she is very smart. Taking high AP classes in the 11th grade.

Nekyehia x Treonda(Mama)

My mom and I talk about how she felt about the military and our family.

Radio and the music that moves us

Interview with Ken Murphy in the 88.3 KABF studio in Little Rock Arkansas. The interview was over the radio, music, artist, and all of the changes that have happened or are taking place now.

Interviewing Haley

My name is Lurys. I am an international student. I met Haley some weeks ago and we became friends quickly. Haley invited me to her house on thanksgiving break. She is so awesome and kind; therefore I’m happy that I...

Grandma red

This is my grandma and she had a rough life and we had our rough patches but our relationship is stronger than ever an I’m great full for because she is my last grandma left.

More Crazier than other adults

Me and my grandfather talk about life and the emotions and regrets of the past.

My Interview

This interview is about my auntie and what she values and life and some of her experiences.

Ashley & Dom: Inspired to hire

Co-workers talking about how they came to be where they are through family upbringing, school, religion, etc.

Conversation with my Grandma

A catch up with my grandma on my dad’s side about her life in Little Rock, Arkansas and some questions about my dad as a child

Emory and I

I interviewed my cousin Emory, who recently graduated from college Seattle for film. We share similar career interests, and I wanted to learn some things from her, as well as simply just talk to her.

Liza Vammen interviews Fritzie Turner about her life.

Fritzie Turner tells me about her childhood in Fort Smith, her marriage, WWII, her divorce and going back to school to get a degree.