Interview Project

In this interview I talked to Michael about his journey to the US

Dinah Mathews Sours and Christopher Sours

Dinah Mathews Sours (87) shares memories with her son, Christopher Sours (63), about her childhood experiences and journey from England to the United States during World War II.

War Stories of Andy Erickson

Andy talks about his traumatic childhood, living in Liverpool, England, during bombing of WW2. Then he talks about his experience in the Korean War.

Joan Mickle, reflecting on growing up in Liverpool during WWII.

Joan Mickle was born in Liverpool, England, before WWII and lived there through the war. Later, she moved to the US and now lives in Ross, CA. She has 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

My Nana

This is an interview with my 84 year old Nana (Elsie Lucas). We talk about her life and experiences growing up in England, traveling the world, and the people that she loves dearly. I hope you enjoy listening to our...

Graeme Manning and Stewart Manning

Father and son Graeme Manning (63) and Stewart Manning (24) share a conversation about their family, their relationship, and their upbringings. The two also share stories from each of their childhoods and reflect on the opportunities they have had, particularly...