Interview with my Grandpa, Twerp Nelson

I ask my grandpa about his life growing up, with no particular focus on one part. I did this on Thanksgiving of 2018. Kind of morbid ending, but I loved talking to him.

Gary Goodman and Alex Goodman

Gary Goodman (63) talks with his son, Alex Goodman (30), about his childhood in Long Beach, his college years, and parenting.

The Sick Interview

These were questions about my Aunt Diana’s life and past stories.

A walk through the memory lane

In this interview which was conducted on April 29th in Yorba Linda, California Bonnie (82) shared with me (19) about her religious background and how important her beliefs are to her now and when she was a child. About the...

My Moms Life

my moms life, school, family, traditions, quality of life

Conversation with my “mom”

I interviewed my aunt who I also see as my second mom. This allowed me to learn more about her life and past.

A conversation with my cousin Maura Collingwood in Huntington Beach, CA

I asked my mom's 1st cousin about her early life, growing up on a farm in western Ireland and later studying, working as a nurse and raising a family in England, and how she came to be living in the...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Grandma
November 28, 2021 App Interview

This conversation between my grandma and I, we go over her childhood memories as well as her teenage memories. For reference, she was born in 1943.

Alexis’ Interview with Dad
November 28, 2022 App Interview

My dad talks about his life growing up, and what he imagined it would be like today. He talks about important people in his life, and some of his best life lessons.

Grammy GTL

We talked about the importance of family and the different elements to my family’s

Interview with Zane Smith, the executive director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kern County (and my dad)

Zane and I discussed about how background with the Boys and Girls Club and how serving kids has changed over the years. We also got a little bit into our background including stories about my mom, about our family history,...

Norman Walker and Jeffrey Walker

Jeffrey Walker (54) interviews his father, Norman Walker (89), about his career in the U.S. Navy and the University of Idaho Extension, as well as about the advice that he'd like to pass on to future generations of their family.

Sydney and Jean’s Interview

This interview was done by Sydney Rose who is 16 and her participant was her mom Jean Rose who is 51. Throughout the interview Jean shared experiences of her life, her thoughts, and overall things that brought to where she...

Rosalva "Rosie" Salazar & Scott Acord

Rosie talks about her work with Providence community outreach programs. How its the most rewarding work she's ever done. She has known since she was 13 and had to be a translator for her mother when she needed medical care.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, I interviewed my Aunt, Patricia Williams, discussing the society today and talking about her own life as well.

John Arcos and Allison Arcos

Allison Arcos (27) interviews her father, John Arcos (65) about his work as a technologist/software engineer. They cover how he got into software engineering, his earliest encounter with a computer, and how he has stayed active in the industry over...