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Cliff Schiappa and Lisa Correu Burden

Lisa Correu (51) interviews her friend Cliff Schiappa (57) about how the success of one of Cliff's photographs made him decide to come out as a gay man.

Dawn Owens and Lindsay Isaacs

Dawn Owens 81 speaks with her friend Lindsay Isaacs 41 about growing up in New York City in the 1940's and how she became a runner after losing her husband. Dawn has completed 9 marathons including two NYC Marathons.

Caroline Patterson and Laura Patterson

Caroline Patterson (63) talks with her mother Laura Mae Patterson (92) about her upbringing, the many different places she's lived and how she settled in Montana.

Madeline Oliveri, Constance Wendlek, and Christina Wendlek

Christina Wendlek (26) and her mother Constance Wendlek (62) interview Constance's mother Madeline Oliveri (89) about her young life in Brooklyn, becoming one of the first female stockbrokers on the New York Stock Exchange, and meeting and marrying John Oliveri,...