Fathers and Signs

How a father’s passing and personal intuition affects life decisions.

My Life as a Psychologist, Professor, and Sex Therapist in Historical Context

I trace the beginnings of my education and emergence into the pioneering era of human sexuality university courses and my life as a sex therapist and professor of human sexuality with a few mini tips.

I Asked the Blue Heron: an interview with author Lisbeth Coiman

Lisbeth Coiman answers questions about her book, in which she tells her story as an immigrant afflicted by a serious mental condition.

Pam Becoming An American

Pam is a naturalized American citizen. She was born in South Africa during Apartheid and emigrated to the U.S. with her husband and young children.

Mom and son 8/25/2018

A brief interview showing the two sides of a mother son relationship

San Francisco Native

This is a conversation between Freeman and his father John, recorded in Los Angeles on a visit from San Francisco.