My interview

In this interview I ask my mother a couple questions of what she thinks of the U. S.

David and Pedro’s interview

My dad talked about his family and his political views on Mexico and The United States

APB storycorps interview

I interview my mom on her views on politics and how she got them.

Lissete Cisneros-AP Gov interview

Interviewing my mom about where she grew up and how it influences her views on American politics.

Family Interview

This interview was about knowing more of my family and my sister.

Maria and her opinions

She talks about her family and her values that have brought her to where she is today.

Immigration Story

Talks on the interviewers story about why they chose to come to the United States and how they view the political spectrum.

AP Gov Family Interview

We talk about bit about my mom and her political views that she had.

AP Gov interview

We talked about our family origins and how we came to be, our family traits and political matters.

Mothers opinion on political

We talked about what she thinks about the United States government system

Family Interview

This interview was about my mentors family history and traditions explaining what defines him and his opinions


Story of Immigration. Experiences in Mexico and the United States

Interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom who is hardworking and a strong person. She is happy for what she achieved in her life.

Family Interview

Talked with my mom about her family growing up. Her views and dislikes on politics. The differences from politics in America and Mexico. Lastly, what she likes about America

Immigration Family Interview

Jorge Cruz takes the time to talk about his experience about being an undocumented immigrant.

StoryCorps Family interview Assignment

I interviewed my mom on her thoughts about her political stands and why she feels that way

Interviewing my dad

What was talked about was my fathers childhood, what he thinks of the world, what he thinks of me and what he thinks it means to be successful. We also added addition questions to questions like “where did you grow...