Eli Beller and Jorge Lazareff

Friends Jorge Lazareff (67) and Eli Beller (30) discuss Jorge's migratory journey from his homeland of Argentina to the United States and the various countries Jorge worked in along the way.

Victor Mendoza and Emily Mendoza.

Emily Mendoza (25) talks with her brother, Victor Mendoza (17) about her childhood and growing up. She talks about how she would like to be remembered through memories with individuals. She takes on the topic of parenthood and how it...

Holland Forsythe and Michael Farmer

Holland Forsythe (19) catches up with her friend, Michael Farmer (19) about what it's like to attend film school in Los Angeles. The two also discuss Michael's outlandish trip to a remote farm in Colorado.

From Dirt Farmer to Top Kenosha Ophthalmologist

My Grandpa discusses how he became the first one of his family to go to college, as well as his process of becoming the top opthalmologist in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Carolyn Ellingson and Catherine (Birdy) Johnson

Catherine Johnson (38) interviews her mom Carolyn Ellingson (80) about what the pandemic has been like and how it feels to be vaccinated, Carolyn's life growing up, living through traumatic loss and grief, and the things in life that help...

Sharon and Sierra Sorrentino

Sharon Sorrentino would sing the opening song, Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour,'' to her daughter, Sierra Sorrentino, constantly when she was a baby. Perhaps it was her choir background that gave her the chops to adapt the great Wonder’s lyrics...