Recuerdos Duran Toda La Vida

I interviewed my mother by asking her some basic question about her past. This was to get to know a little more about her and for old time sake.

Cody Redmon

Cody Redmon goes into how his jobs and relations have added to his life. He also talks about growing up in a small town and the stories that come along with it.

my tia jessica

i talked about what was her favorite thing that has happend to her

Why did my Mom move from Mexico to USA

I talked about the journey from Mexico to USA and as to why my mom moved. She described how it was better to live her then in Mexico and California.

Thanksgiving Listen with Tatum and Kathleen Nyhuis

In this interview I, Tatum talk with my grandma about everything from her scholarships to college to her experience having breast cancer as a young mother.

Great thanksgiving listen

Well I got interviewed my mom on her life experience.