Life lesson" He who sows will reep"

Isaac Calvert: 2020-04-30 20:05:01 short but sweet interview of a Grandparents memories, accomplishments, and life lessons.

Children and Music and Advice, Oh my!

My dad talked about growing up and how I acted when I was little. He gave advice about raising children and going back to college. My brother also decided to join in once in a while.

Grace interview

We talked about her aspirations and dreams from when she was a child. We also talked about what she does for work now and what she dreams of doing.

Getting To Know All About You

Even after being with my boyfriend, Matthew, for three years, there is still so much I learn about him everyday. I am a strong believer in asking the hard questions, but sometimes the silly questions can tell you a lot...

Albert and Kathryn Schmidt remember the Great Depression of the 1930s and offer wisdom for 2020; interview conducted by Christine Schmidt

Albert Schmidt (94) and Kathryn Schmidt (91), share childhood memories of the Great Depression, the hardships, and resilience of their families in Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. They offer advice for us at this time of global health and economic...

Different life between in Ethiopia and in America

My friend had been in America for 3 years. I interviewed about the difference of her country and America.

Jessica Lasser and Marcia Roth

Jessica Lasser (42) interviews her mother, Marcia Roth (74), about her work advocating for women around issues of domestic violence and her experience as a working mom.

Lucille's Christmas adventure

I interviewed my Aunt Lucille about her life and her love for Kentucky Basketball and her especial Christmas Surprise.

Lucy Napier

Lucy talks about someone she thinks has had an interesting life and some of her proudest moments.

Me and my grandpa

We talked about family , friends and people on his life who made a difference

What lead up to me

My mom answering questions about how my parents met and what life was like before I was born. After 12 years of having almost grown children, what was it like having me come along!

Forever Partners

I am interviewing Sharon Sexter, who is my grandmother, about her life. I learn how Sharon started a successful candy shop with no prior experience. I learn where she was born and why she moved. I also learn about her...