My Interview with Grandma

We talked about family heritage and what her life was like when she was younger.

Getting to Know Kayla

In this interview, I asked Kayla questions regarding her personal life & mainly stuff focused on her upbringing. I also asked her about her family/ friends.

Me and my mom

We talked about her childhood and memories and how she went though life

Maggie Komp and her grandfather Kenny Mahoney talk about growing up in the South side of Louisville in the 1960s

In this interview, conducted November 28, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky, Maggie Komp (18), interviews her grandfather, Kenneth Mahoney (65), about his childhood in South Lousiville. Kenneth talks about his family life and social aspects of the 50s, 60s, and 70s,...

The Reverend’s Wife

Bonnie Kirkman shares a few short anecdotes from her life, and its focus on loving others. Focuses on her youth, meeting her husband, and his subsequent ministry.

Michael Boyles Interview

Cynthia Boyles and Michael Boyles age 43 and 12.

Me and my grandpa

We talked about family , friends and people on his life who made a difference

Tony Vitale, on his 89th birthday, shares his life story with his granddaughter Jenna Beagle

In this interview, conducted on April 22, 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky, Jenna Beagle (18) interviews her grandpa Tony Vitale (89) on his birthday about his life. He shares memories from his childhood, early in his marriage and reflects back on...


This interview was about family and how fun it is to be around family.

Careers of the Past

This is a special interview talking about past and current careers. My father discussed what it was like to work with tv and radio networks, special artist, and working at the Grand Ole Opry. No job is ever easy so...

Son and mom interview

I am doing an interview.With my mother.This is for school

Austin Nelson and Michel G.

Austin [No name given] (42) from Kentucky and Michel [No name given] (50) from Belgium both moved to Atlanta, Georgia recently, and used their different backgrounds to discuss U.S. and world politics.