An interview trip with Mom!

I asked my mom a few questions about her past, future and present. I learned things I didn’t know, and she got to experience old nostalgic memories from back then.

ELA Project w/ best Mom ever

This interview was taken in Macon Georgia on November 24 2018. Interview of my Mom about her life. Includes her growing up, religion, her children, and her favorite memories.

Interview with my mom

My mom talked about what had happened to her during her childhood and what her family was like

Interview 1

My grandmother talk about her life as a child and raising her children.

Interview 2

My grand mother talks about her life as a child.

McKinley Starks, On Winning the Battle

Putting on the armour of love, and of your inner you, moves you onward to where life is as you want it.

Interview with an Ally

Gaye speaks on why and how she became the strong LGBTQ ally that she is in a conservative Southern town.

Nanny (Grandmother)

In this recording you will here funny and serious things. My grandmother is a wonderful lady and she means the word to me.

The Great Thanksgiving Listening

We talked about my fathers childhood, about his wife and children. We also talked about his religious beliefs and where and why he works where he works.

Georgia Football Interview with Katelyn Brown and James “Pud” Mosteller

This is an interview with James Mosteller about his childhood football, UGA football, and after college football. He explains his football career in detail. He got some good friends from playing on the UGA team. He also explained how he...

Betty (my grandmother)

We talked about Grandma Betty’s childhood memories and becoming an art teacher.

The Life Story of Tangerine Summers

Tangerine shares a love of bringing community together, with love, fun, and really pretty clothes.

ELA Interview Helena 6th

Through this interview, I learned lots about my grandmother’s past.

Nana interview

In this my nana talks about her memories of childhood and favorite things.