Patricia Keating, Lorrie Keating Heinemann, and Robert Keating

Siblings, Lorrie Keating Heinemann (60) and Robert Keating (61), interview their sister, Patricia "Pat" Keating (78), about her early life, her work, her hobbies, and how she learned to navigate life as a blind person. They also share some favorite...

Teachers and Students: Jim Hunter and Jade Fitzgerald

Jim Hunter, A college teacher, talks with his granddaughter, Jade Fitzgerald, about the Covid 19 pandemic and how its effected him as a teacher.

Conversation with Mark Rudd

We talked about his upbringing and how he built himself to be a successful entrepreneur.

Don Kao for Stonewall OutLoud

Don Kao remembers growing up, attending college in Madison, WI, and realizing he was attracted to other men.

Jonathan Trameri interviews his brother during these troubling times.

Jonathan Trameri: 2020-05-11 03:38:43 I ask my brother how his life has been during quarantine and how he has felt.

Thanksgiving Interview

I interview my Mom with eight questions chosen from a list of suggestions

Interview with Susan Corso

I talk to my grandmother about constantly moving around the US

Five Time

Five friends turn 30 this year. We reflect on our history and how we met at the movie theatre.

Grace Fahrney and Laura Kramer

The participants were Grace (17) and Laura (28) who are both sisters. We talked about how her life is very different as a nurse during the corona virus.

Carolyn Rodriguez and Kristen Williams

Mother and daughter Carolyn Rodriguez (62) and Kristen Williams (41) discuss early childhood memories, briefly living in Montana, parenthood, politics and hopes for the future.

Thanksgiving interview assignment- Grandpa

My grandpa talked about his life: which includes his immediate family, wife, children, and grandchildren.

Ellen Schur and Jan Schur

Interview of Ellen Schur (50) with her mother Jan Schur (80) about childhood in Milwaukee, WI. Also about Steve Schur's (died age 71) childhood in Chicago, IL and their participation in the civil rights movement in Madison, WI. Other topics,...

Mette Pedersen and Carol Rost

Friends Mette Pedersen (76) and Carol Rost (76) recalls how they met at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, reconnecting after several years of losing touch, and their children.

Mark Sarich and Gavyn Hagan

Mark Sarich [no age given] tells his friend and mentee Gavyn Hagan (24) about the tight-knit Eastern European community he grew up with in Madison, Wisconsin.