A Father’s Story

My father, Jon Slagel, and I discussed his life prior to having children. He spoke about how he spent his time as a child, what jobs he had before taking on a full career, and what his journey to marrying...

Oral History Project

I have interviewed Mr. Frank Grondin focussing on his Franco American History and culture.

Bob Burgess shares details of his life from childhood to fatherhood, and how things can change.

In this interview conducted in December of 2017, Alex Burgess interviews her grandfather Bob Burgess about his life as a child, husband, and father. Mr. Burgess shares some of his favorite stories about his 3 kids growing up in Niskayuna,...

Interview with My Dad (Jasinski 10z)

We talked about my dad's life from when he was a kid to when he was an adult. We also talked about some of his favorite memories with me.

A chat with Brianna Carleton

We really hit on a lot of topics, mostly just to have this memory of us together to listen to later in life.

Chatting with my dad, Steve Simonds.

Dad talks a bout the most influential elements in his life, from growing up in NH to his service in WWll to his career in human services policy in Maine and Washington DC.

Thanksgiving assignment

Taylor and I learned a lot about each other. The questions definitely helped spark conversation.

Conors interview

We talked about Conor’s childhood and his raising in the church

Belonging in the Past

A glimpse into the life of an all America man who, loved, lived, never let the past weigh him down.

Cheverus High School Stag Stories: Jack Dawson

Daniel Haskell (age 18), a senior at Cheverus High School, interviews Cheverus alumni and past employee Jack Dawson. They discuss Mr. Dawson's childhood, his time at Cheverus and Boston College, his time working with Cheverus and other schools, and reflections.

Interviewing my Dad

Erik Bergeron, interviewed on January 12, 2019, is a loving man. His career is working as a loan officer. His nickname was Berge because it was short for Bergeron. He grew up in Sanford, Maine, and played basketball there. He...

Cheverus High School Stag Stories: Stephen Dalvet

Daniel Haskell (18), a senior at Cheverus High School, interviews past Cheverus English teacher Stephen Dalvet. They discuss his childhood in Portland, his time at Cheverus, how Cheverus has changed over the years, and his time teaching at a prep...

Kate and Doug listen to Grammy (Mom) share the story of her life.

Lauretta Babkirk recounts special moments in her life from childhood into adulthood having grown up on a potato farm in northern Maine and raising her own family with Clifford, her husband, her one and only.