Niels Bohr meets Ernest Huber and talks about milk packaging

In 1952 Ernest Huber was working at NIH in Maryland and met Niels Bohr

Making History

This interview recorded my history. Some of the most important memories of my grandfathers life.


Briefly went over what is was like to have a completely different life compared to his old one

Family forever -mom

This is a story of my family who are so very special to me!

Katie’s interesting interview

This is my dear cousin and i interviewed her because she inspired me to keep studying for what'd be in the future

Emily Lambert and her mother Sindy Lambert discuss childhood and adult life.

In this interview, Emily Lambert (14) interviews her mother Sindy Lambert (37) on November 25, 2017, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mrs. Lambert shares about her childhood and the influences her parents and husband, Chuck Lambert, had on her. She discusses...

Introvert Turns Extrovert

This interview takes place in York, Pennsylvania. It is conducted by Matthew Saylor (14), who interviews Karen Goldstein (66) about her life. Karen tells Mathew about her life as a kid, and how she was introverted and moved around a...

"We weren't really bad kids, but we did a lot of rotten stuff"

Bruce Caruso grew up in East Baltimore during the 70’s - an area that was known for hard-working steel mill employees, seafood, and some mischievous children. Bruce lived in the smallest townhouse on the street with his older brother and...

Norita Martin and Mary Haren

Norita Martin (85) talks with daughter Mary van Haren (53) about her experiences growing up in Maryland and Germany. While Norita's father was in the Air Force and served abroad, Norita and her brother Luis joined him overseas as military...

Jada & nanna

I, Jada, interviewed my grandmother or nanna, Deborah on her life experiences and lessons she learned.

Interview with Nana

I asked my Nana questions about her life and how she fit into historical events.

King Favour Thanksgiving Interview

This was a fun experience. I really enjoyed preparing the interview and doing it.

Cheryl Wason and Adeline Holt Smith

Cheryl Wason: 2021-04-03 18:19:02 Adeline Holt Smith (89) talks with her daughter, Cheryl Ann Wason (64) about raising her 6 children

Early life of grandma torgunn

We talked about torgunns early life and what it was like on the farm. I learned a lot about what she did as a kid since she didn’t have electronics. We also talked about what her kids did for fun...

Practice Interview

Alex shares information about his life. He talks about his education, his family, some holidays he celebrates, and fun facts about himself.