Shannon 5/20/19

In this interview, Erin interviews her mother about growing up in a religious family in Greeley and the time culture shock she experienced when she moved to Baltimore for college. Her mother shared stories about her travels to Mexico and...

Butt spanking

I did a dream girls sensual with the cast and some no characters

English Interview- Indigo Suchar

Being on the same team doesn’t always mean you know someone’s story. After a run, talking to Indigo reveals more about her than I knew.

Kevin Spradlin’s Experience

Kevin Spradlin explains his life in the military. Though his serving time was shorter than most, it was eventful, memorable, and deserves a huge thanks.

Interview With Anna Crum and Francis Newnam

This interview is about childhood in the 1930s, childhood memories and life with family of ten during the Great Depression.

Interview with a family friend

We talked mainly about important past experiences and helpful advice that I can use in my future.

School Interview

It was very fun. And she was very chill and down to earth. I love her sooooo much and she answered all my questions and we had a good conversation. There was some background information.

King Favour Thanksgiving Interview

This was a fun experience. I really enjoyed preparing the interview and doing it.

Interview with my dad

An interview with my dad about his childhood and education. We also talked about some of his classic stories of school mischief.

An interview with my dad and I.

My dad and I talk about his childhood and how it was like growing up in El Salvador.

Sitting down with my dad

We talked about his childhood and what it took to be a man. We talked about how he grew up and how times were difficult. We talked about his expectations of me as a man.

Grandpa Gordon and Mom
February 19, 2018 App Interview

How Gordon grew up the 40s, how our ancestors came from The Ukraine, and how he decided to become a lawyer.

CHS GTL Marcia Moser and Sarah Katherine Hugo

Sarah Katherine Hugo talks with her grandma about her life and historical events that she has experienced

Great Thanksgiving Listen:Israel in the 1960s. Cousin Rami.

For my contribution to the Great Thanksgiving Listen, I interviewed my Dad’s cousin, an Israeli immigrant whose childhood I never knew much about.

My Momom
November 23, 2017 App Interview

I Interviewed my Momom on her life and experiences.

Practice Interview

Alex shares information about his life. He talks about his education, his family, some holidays he celebrates, and fun facts about himself.