Alessandra Woo and Rachel Skerritt

Alessandra Woo ('25), an eighth grader at The Boston Latin School, talks with Rachel Skerritt ('95), the head of school, about what it is like to be leading the oldest public school in the nation through 2020.

Kevin Green reflects on his relationship with the outdoors

Kevin Green (63) speaks with his daughter, Hannah Green (23), about growing up in the 1960s in Westfield, Mass. He reflects on a childhood spent in the outdoors and how his relationship to nature continues to this day.


I asked someone who immagranted to america several questions about the travel.

Interview with grandpa

I ask my grandfather about experiences in his childhood. He tells some funny stories from when he was growing up, and tells us about valuable life lessons.

The Vietnam War

Where he was growing up at the time and what was going on in his life during the Vietnam War.

Interview with jasmine part 2!

On December 1st 2019, Jasmine Santiago and I have a conversation about her life, family and goals.

My mother and I talk about my life and her life as well. I find out about how she felt throughout her life.

My mother and I talked about her life and my own. She has experienced difficulty throughout her life while dealing with 3 children. She’s a single mother working two jobs. At the moment she feels that we are succeeding in...

Interview with Mom

A sit down talk with my mother where she talks about her early life, and how she is today.

History Project

We discussed how our family buisness started and grew. How my great grandparents started with a wall paper boutique and my dad and uncles have come to a major local paint and decorating store.

Betty and Luca

I interview my mom about her life. I ask questions about all different things.

Interview with Ama

Ama’s life as a military kid also she added “I think I forgot to tell you I wanted to be a teacher cause I wanted to help children and my aunt taught in Germany and Japan so I thought that...

2018 Immigration Project – Mr Robichaud – By David Nguyen

I, David Nguyen, interview my mother, Lan “Tina” Nguyen for a school project on immigration. My mother, Lan, was a Vietnamese immigrant who escaped from the Vietnam War to America years ago as she tells us in this interview.

A Janela de Avó Ana

We talked about her life in Portugal and America. She also talked about how she met her husband and what he taught her.

Interviewing Nana

I’m talking with my Nana about how her life was and what were her favorite things about it.

Just My Father and I

We talked about his childhood in Boston and the struggles of being an adult


I interview Christina about how racial issues are impacting her, specifically on campus.

Pat and Kal Buchovecky

Pat Buchovecky (78) and Kal Buchovecky (80) discuss their lives. Arjun Khurana (18) conducts the interview. Their granddaughter, Anya Buchovecky (17) is present for the first half. 2021-03-03

Interview with my mom about her childhood & how things were like growing up.

I interview my mom about growing up, mostly about her school experiences and how they defined the rest of her adolescent years.

My dad’s childhood – Wachusett 2017

My dad tells the story of growing up in Newbedford, Massachusetts. He tells of his parents, siblings and neighborhood friends. Reflects on highschool and music he listened to as a teenager in the 80's.