The Girls!

Mr. Anderson’s life and how he’s been.

Thanksgiving Interview

I am Blake Dias and I am interviewing my mom, 37 years old, Venessa Dias.

Thanks giving interview with Keith Fowler

He lived a life with his family and says he lived a very typical life in the 60’s

Thanksgiving interview

My grandma talked about her life.She mostly talked about her childhood in mexico. Also about the time she came to live in the U.S. Everytime my grandma talked in Spanish I would interpret it in English

Abby talks to her grandmother about her childhood
November 19, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my grandmother about her childhood and life. I wanted to interview her about her childhood after I saw a cow bell in the kitchen. I asked where it was from and she says that it was on her...

The great thanksgiving listen with jaron Staiger and Tamra Staiger talking about her life experiences.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in McKinney,Texas, Jaron Staiger (15) interviews his mom, Tamra Staiger (39) about her life experiences. Tamra shares stories about her childhood, nicknames, jobs, and other life experiences.

Interviewing Joshua Goff

Interviewing my younger brother about his life and what’s made him into the great man he is today.

Interviewing My Dad

I talked to my dad about what it was like coming to US, and how it changed him.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview I will be interviewing my dad, Tom Baker. We will talk about him growing up how family friends and people who helped him along the way. Our interview was held at home in McKinney.


I asked questions to my friend Eric Perez

Amy’s interview

Just basically a little recap with my mom

My Dads interview

In my interview my Dad and I talked about his childhood. We also talked about his memories growing up as well as being grown up.

Interview with my grandma!

In this interview, my grandma talked about how she grew up, raised her kids, and loved Jesus at the same time.

My Nana and her memories of the life she loved

My nana talks about her past from first date to marriage with Jay Brakhage, her late husband

a very rough childhood

my mom had a hard life but she loves her life now

Two Southern Childhoods, One Beautiful Love.
November 4, 2019 App Interview

Amanda Sauvie (44) sits down to interview her grandparents in McKinney Texas. Max (91) and Patsy Carpenter (89) share stories of their Southern childhoods in the 1930’s and recall memories of their parents. Patsy recalls her childhood in Warren, Arkansas...

Jerry Balko’s Thanksgiving Listen

My grandpa was diagnosed with cancer about 3 1/2 years ago. And he has been fighting hard and he has always been and always will be an inspiration to me.

Laura and Mathew talk about how it was when she was growing up.

The interviewee Laura demonstrates gratitude as she is able to be thankful for the many things that have gone on in her lifetime. She also spoke very honestly even when some of the questions that were being asked were very...

Interview of Michael Lovelace

I interviewed Michael Lovelace, my dad, questions about his life and thoughts.