Justin hamzeh and Ruth pratt

I love my grandmother she the same as when she was younger. She was very down to Earth . She was a very good person and still is .

Miss.Boyd Class

We talked about what my Dad did when he was younger, and when I was younger. How he would change things or the dumbest thing he did in life. And his happiest and favorite moments. And why he is the...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I am Cassidy Habel and I go to Mckinney High school. I did the Great Thanksgiving Listen interview on my grandma. She talked about her childhood, her jobs, and her kids in this interview. She had a lot of jobs...

Kayla Montoya interviewing her grandma, Linda Svoboda.

Kayla Montoya and her Grandmother Linda talk with each other about Linda’s past, her childhood, her daughters childhood, and even add some juicy secrets that practically make each other pee their pants from laughing so hard.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Anne Presley

Anne and Westleigh discuss Anne’s life, what it was like growing up for her, her children, her faith and family.

Justin hamzeh and Ruth pratt

She is a great person always knew she was good person. She loved helping and still does. She always protective of everyone she knew and she was a strong women.

Me (Hayden) and my grandma (Holly) talk about her life and how it affected who she is today.

This interview was conducted on November 26, 2017 over the phone between a grandson (Hayden) and his grandmother (Holly). This interview was conducted to discuss her childhood and how it affected who she is today. The grandmother is currently living...

The great thanksgiving listen

I am interviewing my grandmother because of all of the crazy stories my mother told me about.

Interview with mom

We talked about some of her most difficult memories as well as happiest times.

Talks with grandmother

Today I learned some information about my grandmother

great thanksgiving listen

I talked with my grandparents about their childhood and there lessons of life

Maria and I

Practice interview for a big project

The great thanksgiving listen with Iliana Larios and grandparents about life and lessons McKinney High School

We talked about there past childhood with the ups and downs. We also talked about lessons in life and what they learned from them. Lizette Larios is the translator for the interview.