Jerry’s Scary Story

We talked about Jerry’s experiences with the paranormal world.

Cynthia Guertin and her granddaughter Hannah Johnson talk about growing up and the current state of our country

Cynthia talked about what it was like growing up in a diverse community and what role religion played in her life. She also talked about her parents and grandparents and where they were from. Lastly, we talked about the state...

Jarod Dye interviewing Allison DeSantis

This couple talks about life in 2017 and about a lot of the goals they have for the future. They also pass on some wisdom to their potential great great great grandchildren.

Fondest Family Memories
January 24, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, Kim’s son, Ben, interviews her about her life growing up, her job, and sports

Fionn Fanning Final Project

I speak to my mom about life in France, the move there and back.

Mom, a New Year’s Baby

Mom And her childhood memories from about 1947 to 1957, Growing up near the RailRoad in South Portland Maine

Our Love Story

My mother and I discussed her rocky but love-filled relationship with my father. We touched on life together with and without children and how life changed their relationship over the years.