Me and my mom

My mom decided to do a new one so it was the same still emotional.

Kevin Primmer’s interview

This interview is from Emma Budinger and Kevin Primmer. Emma is interviewing Kevin asking him questions about his life, and about him.


Two sisters open up to each other about life.

Alex and Lizzy’s Story <3

Me and my boyfriend Alex talking about how, why and since when we've loved eachother for. Basically just us gushing and giggling over microphone <3

Ethan Interview

We spoke about sports, family , and just where he wants to be in life.

The story of an everyday American

This is my older brother Heber Lozano, I look up to him everyday of my life, and I decided his story was worth being told and recorded.

Weak start. Strong end.

Marie Treloar is a financial assistant for all the banks in phoenix area. She wasn't always a set-up women though, her beginning was a lot more difficult then most. Coming from a drugged up home, she finds her way through...

“I was so happy”

Julianna Williams, 17, asked her Grandmother, Anita Payen, 77, about the favorite memories and the person that was the most influential in her life.


This was an interview with my father done over thanksgiving

Brent & Bonnie

The marriage between my grandparents, Bonnie and Brent

Alix & Kristina Barroco: MAAS 2018

This was a fun interview for school in which I talk to my mom about her childhood and all the fun it brought.

Christmas interview with my Dad

I interviewed my Dad during a Christmas visit in Mesa with Emma. She greatly helped the interview.

Grandma Johnson Grows Up

Grandma shares what it was like to grow up in small town Mesa, Arizona as the daughter of Lehi and Shirley Palmer.

Earl Smith’s Life Story

This interview is about my grandpa Earl Smith, and his life. We talked about his growing up in Boonsboro, Maryland; his military career and his years as a teacher. Along with his personal life as a father, husband, and grandfather.

StoryCorps 101 Interview

I interviewed my friend Rodrigo Hernandez and talked about his future.

Me and the Boys
September 10, 2019 App Interview

I ask my friend Jake what he is happy and proud of.

Grow through what you go through

Going back and re opening our past experiences cut into our lives, the scars reminds us how to handle the sharp knifes we come across. The past might impact us. It definitely does, it makes us learn and grow. Grow...

Interview with my nana

We discussed about her having childing and any advice that she’d like to give me.

Grandpa and Grandson

We talked about his work life and how he could be remembered after this interview